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I’m impressed July 14, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Family, Flying, Housekeeping, Hubby.
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with myself.

I’ve managed to get a fair whack of stuff done today……….. despite the still sore ankle and knees and grumpy kids.

My front porch is cleaned off. Just needs a good hosing down.

The entrance area is sparkling.

The dining area is sparkling.

There is a few days worth of muffins in the freezer for school snacks and some in the container + a cake for this week snacks.

TJ has done not one but two sessions of piano practice today!!

The chainsaw is cleaned up and put back at the station.

And my car is completely cleaned out.

Now all I have to do tomorrow is service the bloody thing! Of particular importance at this stage is to clean the radiator out so I can run some leak stopper through the system. I’ve never drained a radiator before so this could be interesting. Not the physical doing of it. The trying to find the right tools for the job cos my damn PSLS stashes them all over the joint!


Off to add some sparkle to my laundry before dinner and to sort some stuff in the bedrooms after. Oh and I guess I’d best bring in all that damn washing I did today…………



1. Suze - July 14, 2008

And then tomorrow? You’re off to my place to do it all again!
Aren’t you?
Pretty please?

2. Bettina - July 14, 2008



*falls off chair laughing*

Tomorrow………. *shakes head* I’m sure I’ll still have plenty to do here tomorrow! lol

3. Gemisht - July 14, 2008

Sounds like wishful thinking from Suze there. You could wait a few days Suze and nab here while she is here in Sydney or on the way home. Then she would have Widdle Shamrock to help too. That is, after they call in at my place LOL

Seriously, you done good today Bettina. Hope you’ve got enough energy for tomorrow too.

4. Bettina - July 14, 2008

ta Gem.

now where is your place again?……………..lol

5. river - July 14, 2008

Pity you live so far away. My place could do with a bit of sparkle.

6. Casdok - July 14, 2008

And mine too!
Very impressive!

7. tiff - July 14, 2008

After you’ve done the houses of all the above ladies, make your way over here, ok?

8. Bettina - July 14, 2008

yeah. no problem………… did I mention I MUST be home by tea time on Sat or incur the wrath of my mother?

9. Jayne - July 14, 2008

That’s ok Bettina, after you’ve done my place you can borrow my broomstick 😛

10. widdleshamrock - July 15, 2008

Wrath of Mother….

Hm, is that anything like eye of newt ??

Writes on list: buy pressie for B’s Mum. 😉

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