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Screw Up Tuesday July 8, 2008

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Yes, it’s that time again.

And as usual I’ll go first.

Quite apart from making myself feel like a walking disaster area with Sunday’s twisting of my ankle, I do have a few other fabulous fuck ups to report.

Like last Wednesday. I was carefully photocopying all our cadet paperwork to send copies over to the bosses when someone else interrupted me. I thought I still had one or two papers to copy when I had finished answering the interrupter’s question but was stuffed if I could find said papers. I searched and searched the office, checking and double checking EVERY piece of paper in the damn place looking for this paper and couldn’t find the thing anywhere. Eventually we got the kid whose paperwork it was to fill out another form cos this bastard piece of paper was gone. I’m magic I tells ya, cos I vanished this piece of paper good!

It did turn up eventually. I found it a few hours later when I got home. It was sitting in the middle of my living room floor mocking me. *shakes head*

Then on Thursday I spent an hour looking for my bluetooth headset that came with my lovely new mobile phone. Hubby had been testing if it was compatible with his phone and had left it on the desk. Do you think I could find it? Of course not. I only managed to find it after having to reduce myself to asking him where it was. Mind you it was sitting on the dead computer tower next to the desk. Right under my frickin nose! Sigh. I fear with my recent lack of searching ability that I must be turning into a man. *gasps in horror*

Oh and you’ll love this………… Not my screw up, but just one of those weird things……….. On Sunday while out of town getting wood for our heater I discovered that while I had no phone service whatsoever, that I could still hop online to download a game! You’d think the phone companies could get their priorities straight – we need phone service in all areas more than internet you fools!

So, what interesting screw ups, foibles and other disasters have you for me this week? Come on. Fess up, leave me a comment and I’ll add you a link.


Widdle Shamrock

Oirish Lad (Widdle Shamrocks son)




1. Jayne - July 8, 2008

LMAO I was about to say you’ve been channelling the PSLS when you mentioned turning into a man 😛
Hey, at least if you’re in an isolated spot, car broken down, dying of thirst…you can always amuse your last hours with a game…yay the mobile phone coverage…not.

2. Anja - July 8, 2008

Oh groovy! So if your child is dying in your car, you can email the ambulance? *slaps head with hand* Yep, that’s all sorts of screwed.

3. Bettina - July 8, 2008

Jayne – lol – I’m sure I’m channelling him on occassion……….. or maybe it’s that he drives me freaking nuts on occassion…….. *shrugs* who knows!

Anja – I know! It’s madness!

4. widdleshamrock - July 8, 2008

Yep, Makes sense to me…not.

Celtic Lad is doing a Screw Up Tuesday as we speak…… lol

5. Bettina - July 8, 2008

God love him.

Have added him to the honour roll

6. Lisa Black - July 8, 2008

lol, that cracks me up.

I’ll be posting my soon for you. I’m sure it will crack everyone up!!


7. Lisa Black - July 8, 2008

ps, what type of phone did you get?

8. Bettina - July 8, 2008

Samsung A412 – I wanted something that would slip in a pocket.

9. Pure Evyl - July 8, 2008

Mobile phone coverage is strange. There are a lot of times when texts will come through but not voice. That’s just screwed up.

10. Bettina - July 8, 2008

Yeah, I get that a lot around here too. At my ex in laws place for example, I can send and receive txt but not make calls. *shakes head*.

11. river - July 9, 2008

I’m looking for a new phone myself. I’m currently in love with the Telstra 156, the RED one. Don’t know if I’ll buy it though…..More looking around is required.

12. kin27 - July 10, 2008

Do NOT get me started on phone thingy’s. Six times in the last 3 months we’ve had that exact fault, which miraculously cures itself before the tech arrives to look at it.

We are NOT amused!

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