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Love the sound of my own voice… July 5, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Ramblings.

I must.

Loving the sound of my own voice must be the sole entire reason that I engage in conversation with my children and husband.

Cos God only knows they aren’t listening.

Like the time I told TJ not to take his ten dollar not to school cos it would get lost. He took it. He lost it. He was shocked that I wouldn’t replace it.

Or like the time I told CJ to sort out a problem with her BFF away from the wider of circle of friends so that the BFF wouldn’t feel ganged up on.
She didn’t. BFF wouldn’t talk to her for a week for betraying her.

Or like this morning when I told TJ not to practice his boomerang throwing in our front yard cos it would get stuck in the trees. He threw it anyway. It got stuck. He then was shocked that I wouldn’t get it out for him.

(yes I’m a mean mummy – he eventually got it out himself with his sister’s help by throwing his soccer ball at it)

Or like when we are doing errands and hubby is driving and I tell him that we need to get petrol and go to Woolies and he drives straight past the petrol station and asks me fifty billion times where we are going again.

Yes, mmmm, my sweet melodic voice surely does sound good to my own ears.



1. Leigh - July 5, 2008

Oh I hear ya sister!

I am slowly losing it with my lot…I even tried ignoring them, but that didn’t work 😦

2. widdleshamrock - July 5, 2008

Oh yeah !!!!!

Mr S thinks I nag. I tell him if he did it the first time, I would have to repeat myself.

3. Jayne - July 5, 2008

Oh I love those “I told you so” moments. 😉

4. Ian - July 5, 2008

In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy book, there’s a very funny bit where Arthur Dent (the hero) is in a perilous situation and says to his companion Ford Prefect:
“Its times like these I wish I’d listened to what my mother said”,
Ford answers: “Why, what did she say?”
Arthur “I don’t know, I wasn’t listening”.

Well, I think its funny!

5. Trish - July 5, 2008

I love the sound of my own voice too …LOL I am the only one who does.

6. leechbabe - July 5, 2008

So glad to hear I’m not the only one talking to myself 😀

I’ve given up with hubby, if it is really important I write it down and / or email him.

7. tiff - July 5, 2008

Yes, I love to listen to myself as well. It’s very calming, you know.

8. Gemisht - July 5, 2008

I gave up on talking to myself and started talking to the walls. There still isn’t much of a response but at least I know I’m not talking to myself. And yeah, gotta love those “I told you so” moments.

And PMSL at Ian, it is funny

9. Dorothy Stahlnecker - July 6, 2008

Thank you for letting me know we are not alone. Made my day…

Dorothy from grammology
remember to hug gram

10. widdleshamrock - July 6, 2008


That is how Mr S and I communicate best.

11. Anja - July 6, 2008

A frying pan around the head and then you say “Now I have your attention”

12. gammonandspinach - July 6, 2008

You’ve been eavesdropping on my family again!

‘Go to bed’. 30 minutes later… ‘which part of go to bed did you not understand?’


‘You are not allowed to watch this programme.’ 10 minutes later…’I said, you are not allowed to watch this programme’.

13. Naomi - July 7, 2008

I like Anja’s suggestion 🙂

14. Bettina - July 7, 2008

so do I Naomi, so do I. 😆

Gamon – *gasp* you’ve been eavesdropping at my house too!

Anja – lmao – I likes it!

WS – lol – whatever works best hon

Dorothy – no problem 🙂

Gem – you let me know if those walls start talking back k?

Tiff – yes, soothing…….. obviously our families don’t like soothing lol

Leechbabe – wel that works. I txt hubby if its important.

Trish – hehe.

Ian – lmao! yup. That about sums it up!

Jayne – oh so do I 😉

WS – *gasp* that’s exactly what I say too!!

Leigh – maybe you need to try Anja’s suggestion 😉

15. river - July 7, 2008

I used to get my family’s attention by leaving notes stuck to the TV. It’s the one place I knew they would be looking at every day. Didn’t work for long though.

16. frogpondsrock - July 7, 2008

parralell lives…

17. Bettina - July 7, 2008

River – now that’s an idea!!

Kim – tis the lot of all mothers is it not?

18. Naomi - July 8, 2008

River – I think the next technological step is a youtube ad…

*snicker* I can see it now… “Child, I told you to clean your room! It’s so messy that pigs would turn up their noses at it! Now get in there and clean the slime off the walls before i send this link to all your friends!”

19. Bettina - July 8, 2008

or blog about it like Kelley did! lmao

20. kin27 - July 10, 2008

I actually have whole conversations with myself now

Put the bowl in the dishwasher. Or just leave it on the sink, because it doesn’t matter that in 10 minutes I’m going to want to start dinner, and it’s going to take me ages to put everything in the dishwasher before I start so I have room to prepare your evening meal. No really, it’s ok. I’ll just drag my sorry ass away from the ironing/washing/folding/cleaning up your mess to go and clean up another of your messes while you collapse on the couch because you’re tired after sitting at the computer all day. Really, I understand. And I don’t mind. Nope, not at all. And while you’re at it do you think you could empty the kids lego on the floor? Cause there’s nothing I like more than standing on lego when I go in to make their beds up after you neglected to tell me they’d wet the bed last night and it wasn’t until 4pm I realised so have spent the last two hours washing and drying their sheets so they can go to bed tonight.

And I hear from the couch…. “Did you say something?”

No dear…..

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