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Snot Much? July 4, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Funny Stuff, Health, Ramblings.
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I woke up very stuffy headed this morning ( you know it’s gonna be a shocker when you wake up with a sinus headache!) so needed to use my trusty sinus rinse when I had my shower. The idea of the sinus rinse is to wash out the gunk that builds up in the sinus cavities and in that space between the bottom of the nasal cavity and the back of your throat.

Now, to use this instrument of torture wonderful invention, you simply fill with cooled, boiled water then add a sachet of the solution stuff, then squirt the contents up your nose.

Do you remember jumping into the pool and getting water up your nose and how it burned and made your eyes water? Well if you don’t have the solution stuff or let the water get too cold this is what happens. Hurts like a son of a bitch!

So this morning I have added the solution, warmed the cooled, boiled water to the appropriate temperature (think testing baby milk on your wrist cos that’s how I check this too lol Who’d have thought that skill would come in handy for other things?), hop in the shower and rinse away.

With the first squeeze I had hacked up half a lung and blew out enough snot to fill a box full of tissues!

No wonder my head was sore and stuff this morning with all that gunk in it!

Feels much better now…………. except that when I bend over I have water dripping out my nose! lol



1. Suze - July 4, 2008

Oh God.
That was totally like, too much info.
I love you dearly, but the mental image in my mind at the moment is not good, and it’s nearly lunchtime.

2. widdleshamrock - July 4, 2008

ICK !!!!!!!!

Glad you feel better.

I now feel a widdle unwell.

3. Anja - July 4, 2008

Damn, for the love of…

Don’t share about the rinsing of anything else. *shudders*

4. Bettina - July 4, 2008

I promise that this is as personal as I will get


5. Jayne - July 4, 2008

Ahhh tis better out than in 😉
Hey, if grotty men can pick their nose up to (and past) the 3rd knuckle on their hand whilst waiting for the lights to change, a little sinus rinsing is nothin’ 😉

6. jeanie - July 4, 2008

lol – I once made some chilli sauce that had the same effect!

7. Tracey - July 4, 2008

Thank you so much for sharing. Can we hear about your douche, now, please? 🙂

8. river - July 4, 2008

When I wake up stuffy and headachy it’s staight to the antihistamines. I’m affected by so much stuff, dammit! Sinus rinses just don’t do it for me.

9. magneto bold too - July 4, 2008

Yeah, thanks for that. Totally put me off my hot chocolate…

10. anja - July 5, 2008

*makes mental note*

Do not try to read when not wearing contact lenses. I thought River said “When I wake up with a stiffy”

Damn… that was weird.

11. tiff - July 5, 2008

Ewww, does sound like torture. Hope you feel bettter soon.

12. frogpondsrock - July 7, 2008

eeeeeeeewwww Now that was something I would expect my son to tell me.. TMI hehehehe

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