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We apologise July 1, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Ramblings.

for the break to our regularly scheduled blogging programme.

But it’s been the WEIRDEST 24 hours.

It’s not often that your home town becomes the centre of attention in such spectacular fashion or with such tragic results.

It’s surreal to be getting phone calls and having the names of people you know thrown into the mix.

It’s damn strange to be getting emails from well meaning, but obviously dumb online aquaintences asking did the SWIL finally push your bro over the edge and make him snap.

This kind of thing isn’t meant to happen in country towns. Children are not meant to die in these circumstances in country towns.

Parent’s are not meant to have to reassure their children that the bad man has been caught before they’ll go to bed at night.

Parent’s are not meant to spend a good whack of their day trying to figure out what they’re going to say and do to reassure and comfort their children when they come home this afternoon with more details and gossip and rumours.

it’s weird. It’s strange. And it’s going to take a while for things to settle down again.



1. Naomi - July 1, 2008

Yeah, I read about that… :-/

*hugs* Hope the kids weather it OK, and the community pulls together… man, there’s just not much more to say, is there?

How are YOU doing and feeling, babe?

2. Bettina - July 1, 2008

All good. It’s just all very weird.

3. Suze - July 1, 2008

So as I don’t quite know where you live, I”m only guessing what this is about. But if it’s what I think t is? Simply tragic.
Glad you are all OK – hug the kids and be thinkful, is all you can do I guess..

4. Bettina - July 1, 2008

You’re guess would be right Suze. Oh I am so thankful!

I’ve been deliberatly vague trying to avoid the search engines. The whole thing is a huge circus.

5. tiff - July 1, 2008

Hope things settle soon.

6. Jayne - July 1, 2008

It’s a horrible thing adults can’t fathom so I can understand how confused the kids are!
Hope things settle down soon and the kids relax again (((hugs)))

7. river - July 1, 2008

“Blank look” I have no idea what’s going on here…..

8. magneto bold too - July 1, 2008

Horrific situation. How? How? Five and seven. My heart breaks.

9. Gemisht - July 1, 2008

My heart stopped when I read what had happened yesterday. Truly tragic situation. My thoughts are with those directly affected by whats happened, including you and your kids and the rest of the town. I hope that you all find some support to get you all through this, And as for explaining it to the kids, I think that all you can do is be honest with them and tell them you really don’t understand either. Although sometimes that can frighten them too, so less than ideal.

Just sending hugs to all of you 🙂

10. leechbabe - July 2, 2008


11. Darla @ UltraBeautyBoutique - July 2, 2008

I’m completely lost. Help the American girl out. WHAT is going ON?

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