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Oh Boy! June 29, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Ramblings.

You have so much to learn!

We had a working bee at the station today. We wanted to tidy things up a bit for when we have parents and other services visiting for the cadet’s presentation on Wednesday.

So we trimmed shrubs, pulled out some half dead shrubs and trees, pulled weeds, raked rubbish, trimmed edges, burnt rubbish……… The place looks pretty damn good now.

I cooked lunch for everyone, then after was helping pull weeds around the grevillias in the back garden bed. I sat down at one stage only to have a junior come up and ask me why I wasn’t helping. ‘It’s your station too’ he says to me.  I told him that I was just about to clean the loos and asked did he want to help.

‘nah bullshit’ was the reply. ‘Toilets and inside things is women’s work, I’ll stick outside with the men’.

heh heh heh heh


Completely wrong thing to say.

We have a rule at the station.

There are no men, there are no women, there are only members. Some of us girls may not quite have the fella’s strength, some of the fella’s don’t have our knowledge, but we don’t distinguish between the genders.

People are allocated jobs based on what they are physically or mentally able or have developed the skills to do. Not what sex they are.

The first job this kid will get next time we do station maintenance will be inside. Toilets or vaccuming or something wonderful like that. 😆

Cos while he might be 15 and know it all………… he still has so much to learn



1. Anja - June 29, 2008

All I can say is…


2. widdleshamrock - June 30, 2008

Bahahahaha !!!!

And I am sure you will teach him well Mistress.

3. Bettina - June 30, 2008

Actually, I merely dobbed him in and it’s the fellas who are going to be teaching him 😉 lmao

4. Pure Evyl - June 30, 2008

Take a pic when you hand him the toilet brush. It should be priceless.

5. Jayne - June 30, 2008

That’s a lesson that’ll stick in his mind 😉

6. Trish - June 30, 2008

Of course 15 year old boys know it all – they just don’t know how smart Women are !

7. Naomi - June 30, 2008



(him, not you)

8. Dorothy Stahlnecker - July 1, 2008

Good luck and wonderful strategy..

Dorothy from grammology
remember to hug your gram

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