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Frost and Fog June 25, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Ramblings.

Hubby left for work this morning after telling me he wouldn’t be long. That was 3 hours ago……………… I think he must be lost in the fog lol

TJ put his jumper on when he left for school without arguement. brrrrrr

I can still looking out my window now, see remnants of this morning’s frost and fog.

Sox, my cat, isn’t happy. He wanted to go outside, took one peek and decided against the idea. Too much moisture in the air perhaps lol

This is the second big frost and fog this week.

We may have a ‘true’ winter this year…………. I’d better find some more blankets for the spare bed for when Widdle Shamrock comes to visit next month so she doesn’t freeze her butt off!



1. Jayne - June 25, 2008

Had some thick fogs and snappy frosts down here a few weeks back- reminded me of my ex-hubby 😛
Fingers crossed for a proper winter and enough blankies for WS bed LOL. 😛

2. Suze - June 25, 2008

The office I work in is freezing in the mornings. I bought a big coat which makes me feel like I should be in an episode of Law and Order! Does the job though.

3. widdleshamrock - June 25, 2008

Tis ok my love, have enough fat on me to keep me warm.

If not, I can always jump into bed with you and the PSLS.

Can’t I ??? 🙂

4. widdleshamrock - June 25, 2008

P.S. I’ll keep my socks on …… if you like.

5. river - June 25, 2008

Time to break out the hotwater bottles and bed socks. Put fluffy rugs at bedsides to snuggle early morning feet into.

6. Trish - June 26, 2008

it’s getting very cold here too.We haven’t had the fog so much this year yet.
Oh you are very special indeed to get a visit form WS.

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