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All sorted. June 25, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in My Brigade, Ramblings.

So the fella came to talk to us about our cadet programme today and from the get go was accepting that blame to be had for any stuff ups was not to be laid at our end *hehe*

Problem sorted. It’s a pity that it takes a problem to develop to clear up the miscommunications though. I did tell him that it would have helped had they set out exactly what they wanted from the get go. For our part we are simplyfying the admistrative component for ourselves next time we run the programme which could be very very soon.

Like next term soon.

A few of the kids have asked us if they can come back next term. We are seriously considering the idea.

One of the things that I told the coordinator today was that the standard programme was too involved. That there was no possible way for us to cover all the suggested material in the time frame that we had so we had been just picking out 3 main points from each session to concentrate on.

Extending the programme by another term will certainly give us time to delve deeper into some concepts and will also allow us to expand the material that we expose the students to. We’ll be able to add in aviation firefighting, more about village firefighting, MVA’s, fire behaviour and rescue scenerios.

Today went really well. All the students had a turn at putting out a small stove top fire (under controlled conditions) using a fire blanket. We showed them how to hold the blanket to protect their face and hands while attempting to smother the fire. They then all had a turn at using a fire extinguisher. We then exposed an assortment of common household materials to fire to see how they reacted. The results were interesting and the practical demonstration was most effective in helping the students to understand how different types of materials react to fire.

Even if none of these kids ever join a brigade, if just one of them ever needs to do this and is able to because they remember what we showed them today and saves their home, the programme will have been worth every second that we put into it and every headache that the happened over the paperwork fiasco.



1. Jayne - June 25, 2008

Excellent to hear 🙂
Well done and congrats 😀

2. dancingwithfrogs - June 25, 2008

That sounds like a fantastic program. Anything ‘life skills’ based is a bloody good idea.

3. Anja - June 26, 2008

Glad that it’s sorted.

4. widdleshamrock - June 26, 2008


If the kids are asking for more, by all means give them more !!!

You must be a great teacher.

5. Talia - June 27, 2008

Great news!!

6. Pure Evyl - June 27, 2008

You are right in saying that it if it helps save one person than it is worth it. You are doing a hell of a good thing. My hat is off to you.

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