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Simple Pleasures Sunday June 22, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in CJ, Hubby, Ramblings.
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I have many, many moons ago I did a workshop on making my own soaps. Over the course of the workshop we made solid bar soaps, bath bombs and liquid soaps. I had recipes for all sorts of natural based beauty products, but along came more kids and away went my time and motivation………… Until reading Naomi’s blog post the other week on dandruff & shampoo. So last week I gathered some basic supplies so that I could experiment a little.

CJ and I made 3 things. First a bi-carb wash to remove any residual product from our hair, then a Chamomile Shampoo and lastly a lemon rinse for added shine. It was really easy peasy and we had really good results.

The bi-carb wash was simply 1 tsp of bi-carb in 1 cup of water. We poured this on and massaged it in then rinsed it out.

The shampoo was pretty easy too. We used –

1 1/2 cup(s) water
4 chamomile tea bags
4 tsp. soap flakes
1 1/2 tsp. liquid glycerin

We simply boiled the kettle, let the tea bags stew for 10 minutes, added the soap flakes, waited till they had softened, added the glycerin and mixed well before pouring into a pump bottle. 

lastly was a lemon rinse. Very simple to make with squeezing half a lemon into a cup of rain water.

The shampoo didn’t lather up much, but gave us a good ‘squeaky’ clean. All in all we got a good result. CJ was commenting all day yesterday about how soft her hair felt and she got compliments on how nice and shiny it looked. I’ve noticed that my hair feels nice, but not dry which is great.

Hubby reckons I must have been bored or something to be fiddling around with this stuff, but he also reckons his dandruff isn’t quite as bad after using it, but I’m going to make another batch using mint for him to try – it’s meant to be good for dandruff. 😉

The shampoo needs to be kept in the fridge because of course it doesn’t have all the chemicals and preservatives in it, but on the other hand it doesn’t have all the chemicals and preservatives in it and that’s got to be better for us.




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2. Naomi - June 22, 2008

Nice work! 🙂 Linked back to this post so people have some recipes to try.

3. Anja - June 22, 2008

Good stuff there.

Some of the chemicals in shampoos are frightening stuff.

4. Suze - June 22, 2008

Good stuff Bettina. Maybe you should do some of the ‘recipes’ you did at soap making? People love that kind of thing, and a lot of others are turning away from “supermarket” shampoos.

5. Bettina - June 22, 2008

Thanks Naomi. Thanks Anja.

I’m going to try making another one with blackberry or something similar with darker/reddish colouring for my hair also.

Apparently regular use of the bi-carb rinse will help clear up dandruff and Thyme is also good for dandruff.

The problem with finding out about the chemicals in shampoos is that there is so much contradicting information. There are lots of studies saying that SLS’s are perfectly safe though they can cause skin irritation and then there are websites saying that SLS’s can be aborbed and interfere with Oestregen production causing hormonal problems in women…………. who knows. I personally think all this stuff is accumulative. You add in the extra chemicals in our beauty products to the ones in our foods and cleaning products and I think we have a recipe for disaster.

6. Bettina - June 22, 2008

Thanks Suze. I will do that………. just as soon as I find them lol

They are packed still down in the untouched study *shakes head at self*

I will go find them soon though as I want to start making my own things again. If I start now I could have some great stuff for Christmas presents too!

7. widdleshamrock - June 22, 2008

Cool idea.

Teen gets dry scalp.

8. Riayn - June 22, 2008

I get my shampoo from Lush which whilst it does have some chemicals just too stop the shampoo from going off, is full of natural good stuff that has not been tested on animals. However, I wish I did have the time and expertise to make my own.

9. Jayne - June 22, 2008

Ooooh niiice, thanks for the recipes and motivation to get off my lard arse and make them 😉
Have you got a recipe for a natural conditioner, too?

10. Bettina - June 22, 2008

That’s what the rinse does Jayne.

Riayn – this stuff was really simple and the shampoo just took a little tiime waiting for things to stew or melt but was easier than making a cake.

11. river - June 22, 2008

I have wavy dry hair which becomes fluffy frizz if I don’t use the commercially made conditioners. Any help for me with a natural product? I really don’t like the “Broomhilda” look. (Broomhilda is a cartoon character in our daily newspaper here in SA. She’s a 1500 year old witch with hair that looks like a straw broom.)

12. tiff - June 22, 2008

This was a very very cool read. Will try the shampoo recipe when I get home, I think.

13. magneto bold too - June 22, 2008

Hmmmm, might be a fun school holiday activity for the kids!

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