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Screw Up Tuesday June 17, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Blogging stuff, Funny Stuff, Kids, Miss Lou.

Screw Up Tuesday share and snigger time once more!

I can’t say as I’ve particuarly screwed up this week. A little forgetfulness here, a little clumsiness there but nothing particuarly blogworthy. I think the best screw up of our week was Miss Lou forgetting her own phone number and wondering why I couldn’t call her. She was most insistant that the last 3 digits of her phone number were  sequential, lets use 987 for example, and we kept getting the message bank of some chick named “Rachel”. Her number actually wasn’t sequential at all (978 to follow the example). I’m betting she’s gotten another irrate email from her dad for giving him the wrong number……….. I wonder how many other people she gave the wrong number to? lol

Everything around me seems to be a screw up at the moment though. The pin in the bottom of my mobile that fits into the charger has busted rendering my phone unable to be charged and dead. There is a slow leak in the radiator of our car which I think may be my fault from where I drove over the gutter last week (don’t ask – no I wasn’t in an accident). And then with the pc being fucked…………… well I think I could be forgiven for thinking that the universe didn’t want me able to travel or talk to anyone at the moment.

Ok. Your turn. Fess up. Blog your bugger ups and leave me a comment so I know to add your link to the honour roll.



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2. widdleshamrock - June 17, 2008

Remembered this week !!!!

Glad you are back !!!!

3. Pure Evyl - June 17, 2008

I didn’t have any major screw ups but a co-worker had to go to the emergency room with a paper cut.

She was holding some papers and turned her head and got a paper cut on her eyeball. That has to suck.

4. Jayne - June 17, 2008

Got no screw ups…yet!
But wait…the day is still young 😉

5. jeanie - June 17, 2008

I forgot this week, but my week was all about resolutions to screw-ups rather than the actual initiators!!

6. Anja - June 17, 2008

None from me this week.

*hums to herself*

Although I feel next week could be a biggie.

7. Jayne - June 18, 2008

I spoke too soon yesterday – apparently FB was still signed in when I left comments on a few blogs all over the place LOL.

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