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And this one time, June 8, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Ramblings.

at Driver Reviver, PSLS was looking out into the darkness across the river and saw two red glows. He and Captain Cranky jumped in Captain Cranky’s 4WD and took off to investigate the source of the fire. On the way they phone 000 to tell them that there was a fire in the River Park playground next to the pool.

They couldn’t get into the park from the access road so went up and over the gutter and drove across the football field. When they pulled up a cop car was behind them with it’s flashers on following to investigate what they were doing driving across the footy field (the cops thought PSLS and Captain Cranky may have been hoons about to do circle work on the footy oval in the 4WD).

They then notice the town fire brigade responding with lights and sirens but travelling away from them and over the bridge. They manage to call the townies on the radio to tell them they are going the wrong way. Turns out the 000 operator told them a house was alight on River Park Road. Talk about a miscommunication!

And the fire?

A couple of wheelie bins had been set alight presumably by some drunks on their way home from the pub.



1. widdleshamrock - June 9, 2008

ROFL !!!!!

I was almost too scared to check out this post…..

Just as well it was 2 widdle wheelie bins and not a huge house.

2. Anja - June 9, 2008

Widdleshamrock was scared to check out a potentially feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelthy post? Bahahaha… sure. 😉

LMFAO at the coppers thinking PSLS and Captain Cranky were a pair of hoons.

3. leechbabe - June 9, 2008

Too funny but good they got it under control whilst it was just two wheelie bins and had not spread further.

4. Jayne - June 9, 2008

And, of course, you’re gonna tell us they did the circle work on the oval after everyone had left, aren’t you ? 😛

5. Suze - June 9, 2008

Man, I hate those jerks that set wheelie bins alight, egg houses, and just generally be pains in the ass because they are losers.
Finny how PSLS and the Captain were mistaken for hoons though 🙂

6. Bettina - June 9, 2008

WS – puh! too scared lmao you nong!

Anja – my thoughts exactly! 😉

leechbabe – it wasn’t going to go far – the park isn’t surrounded by houses or anything, just sports grounds and the swimming pool

Jayne – nah, they are both too straight laced

Suze – yeah I hate those jerks too.

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