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Pat on the Back May 17, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Family, Funny Stuff, Kids, Ramblings, TJ.
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I am such a good mummy!

The other night we had major tears as TJ reluctantly acknowledged that his football was not fixable after he ‘forgot’ to bring it inside and the dog chewed it. To make matters worse, it wasn’t an ordinary footy it was his highly prized bulldogs footy. The poor kid was sobbing his wee little heart out as he deposited the chewed and mangled skin that was his footy into the big green wheely bin.

After making him admit that Mummy wasn’t being mean by nagging him to bring the damn football inside every night and that Mummy is one very wise, not to mention pretty mummy, I gave him cuddles and reminded him that his birthday is next week and that you never know what might happen on your birthday before wiping his snot off my shoulder and sending him to wash his face.

I had to go to fifty billion shops yesterday to find one (ok, it was only 2, but I did have shop asistants searching backrooms to aide me in m y quest) and it’s not the same as the smaller sized mascot version he had, but find him a bulldog footy I did cos I am the awesomest mum ever! OK, well maybe not, but I’m the awesomest mum he’s ever going to have and that’s the same thing right?



1. Anja - May 17, 2008

Aww, good mummy!

Hopefully TJ learns that mummy is ALWAYS right. 🙂

2. Joh Blogs - May 17, 2008

It is absolutely the same thing and the only thing he needs to know!
Go you – super mum!

3. Jayne - May 17, 2008

Good mummy 😉
You’re up for Too Splendid, Bettina 😛

4. Frogdancer - May 17, 2008

You’re so lucky to have that happen! I never know what to buy boys for birthdays… so this accident was an example of perfect timing. Lucky you!

5. widdleshamrock - May 17, 2008

You are a super duper awesome Mummy !!!!

And one who is most wise !!!

6. leechbabe - May 17, 2008

You rock!

And hopefully he will now always remember to bring his foot inside.

7. magneto bold too - May 17, 2008

Seeing I am the Awesomest Mummy Eva!! I will concede that you can be second. Fair enough?

Make sure you get a pic of the look on his face when he gets it!

8. Trish - May 17, 2008

Good job and great Mummy – don’t you love these kid moents you get to blog about twice. Can’t wait to hear of ‘his’ surprise.

9. jeanie - May 19, 2008

Oh what a wonderful mother. Make sure he doesn’t feed this one to the dog.

10. Talia - May 19, 2008

You are a good mummy!!

11. Naomi - May 19, 2008

Awww… you ARE awesome. Waiting to hear how the new one fares… 😀

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