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Enter Stage Right. May 16, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in CJ, Family, Kids, Ramblings.
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CJ is performing today with the upper primary choir at our local Eistedfod. They’ve been working really hard for weeks on their performance pieces. About 3 weeks ago we were running a little late getting to school after piano lessons and she was going crook at me because she would be late for choir practice which was first thing after the morning bell. Earlier this week their maths teacher had to go looking for them as a third of his class was missing. They were so caught up in polishing their songs that they didn’t hear the bell.

And this morning she woke up with sore throat and scratchy voice. Her cold/bug has been trying to set in for 3 days now. I’ve been keeping the house a little warmer at night, slathering her with Vicks, making her gargle all sorts of foul tasting concoctions and feeding her eucaplyptus drops trying to hold it off, seemingly to no avail.

She was Not. Happy. Jan.

So this kicks off our cold and flu season. Here’s hoping it’s a mild one.

Edit – When I arrived she had lost her tissue filled with vicks, so I gave her another one. The infants choir took first place in their section, the Primary choir got a highly commended and the combined choir (which I didn’t realise was also performing today and that she was also in) came first in their section. All in all not a bad haul!



1. Gemisht - May 16, 2008

Bugger!!!! Hope that the cold holds off long enough for her to get through the performance.

And cold season has started here too 😦

2. widdleshamrock - May 16, 2008

OH NO !!!!!!!

Hope she makes it through the performance !!!

3. Bettina - May 16, 2008

So do I. I’m just heading down now to watch. I might take the vicks with me and dab some under her nose for some instant clearing lol

4. Jayne - May 16, 2008

Good luck and fingers crossed!
Hope she has a wow of a time 🙂

5. Anja - May 16, 2008

Aw, poor CJ.

Yep, my fingers are crossed for her too.

6. Imnomartha - May 16, 2008

Hope the performances went well… fingers and toes crossed

7. Bettina - May 16, 2008

She had a good day thankyou all. they didn’t place, but they did get a highly commended for the primary choir. The combined choir came first so they were pleased with that.

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