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Massaging his ego…….. May 8, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Family, Funny Stuff, Hubby.
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I dyed my hair yesterday

Thought it was going to be a medium reddish brown, it came out a dark reddish brown. I’m still not sure if I like it.

So I says to my hubby this morning “Do you like my hair?”

He stands back, looks me over appraisingly and says “I suppose it will do for a few months”

I promptly told him to go fuck himself (with a smile of course)

He swaggers away calling out “But you love me”

‘Nope’ says I.

‘Yes you do’ he says.

‘Nope, I just put up with you cos you’re good in the sack’ I calls back before hopping in the car and driving off.

His swagger changes to a strut and he’s grinning like an loon as he walks into work and I’m driving away hoping no one asked him what he was grinning about.  lol

My man pet. So easy to please.


1. magneto bold too - May 8, 2008

LOL, I think most guys are that easily pleased.

2. Bettina - May 8, 2008

I figure it’s ok to let his ego get out of hand every now and then……….. lol

3. Anja - May 8, 2008

Men, such simple creatures. 😉

4. frogpondsrock - May 8, 2008


5. tiff - May 8, 2008

LOLOLOL!!! They are so easy to please these man pets ( I love that, might have to borrow)

6. Bettina - May 8, 2008

a bit of praise every now and then leaves them quite happy.

Borrow away Tiff. lol

7. widdleshamrock - May 9, 2008

OH YES !!!!

Very easy to please.


8. imnomartha - May 9, 2008

Life for a man is so simple…. no wonder they haven’t got a clue half the time 😉

9. Bettina - May 9, 2008

BAAHAAHAA good one martha!

10. Jayne - May 9, 2008

At least we don’t have to change the kitty litter for the man pets 😛

11. Bettina - May 9, 2008

no, we can get them to do that themselves *snigger

12. jeanie - May 9, 2008

It is enough, obviously.

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