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The bastards in charge don’t like fat chicks May 6, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Goals, Health, Weight Loss.
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Last night I watched Carson Kressley’s new show “How To Look Good Naked” and LOVED IT!.

I loved that he was taking ordinary women, helping them to look at themselves objectively, helping them to dress to fit their body type, show off their best features and how to feel comfortable in their own skin – something that many, many women are not.

I should know. I’m not comfortable in my own skin. And like Layla, the subject of the first episode, I feel awkward in my own body and I avoid mirrors. Being genuinely overweight doesn’t help.

I hate shopping. I hate clothes shopping. At 35, I find it damn near impossible to find clothes that reflect my own sense of style and my age, in my size.

I’m a plus size girl. And apparently we don’t deserve nice clothes according to the bastards in charge of Target. As punishment for my weight related sins, I am severely restricted in what clothing I can buy.

As my last pair of jeans finally wore through and tore up the thigh the other day, I had to succumb and go clothes shopping this afternoon. $37 for a pair of jeans. And that was at 25% off. Luckily I was able to find a pair of size 20 PJ pants that fit cos apparently if you are over a size 20 you do not get to wear pyjama’s. If you are larger than a 20, you are banished to poxy old lady nighties cos fat women don’t deserve to feel comfortable, sexy or simply have nice nightwear.

The same as you generally do not get to wear nice underwear either. Why can’t larger bras and undies be made in nice pretty colours too? Why do I have to part with a kidney at a boutique store in order to get pretty undies? Do you really think that fat women have a greater appreciation for skin tone brown than the rest of the population? Or do you just think that we are all a bunch of lazy fatties so you will be lazy too and not give us colour choices?

And why do the bastards in charge think that fat women want to draw more attention to themselves by wearing clothes that the 70’s rejected? No, seriously. I would really like to know!

And apparently fat people don’t feel the cold either. We mustn’t cos there were no freaking knits or jackets for us either. Anything bigger than a standard size 18 and you are out of luck. I realise I have a bit extra insulation, but I still feel the cold dear bastards in charge.

Ah fuck it. Time I got me some more cats, made myself a mumu and retreated to the comfort of my bed, cos obviously the bastards in charge don’t think fat chicks are fit for polite company or they’d provide us with half decent clothes.



1. girl - May 7, 2008

Sadly I do think they punish the “fat” girl in a sense. I am not plus sized but need super ginourmous tops for these massive boobs and I am sorry but I don’t want to wear sailboats. Does anyone?

I really like that show too.

2. Naomi - May 7, 2008


Clearly ‘fat’ people don’t have as much money, so the retail stores don’t care anywhere NEAR as much.

I dunno, I find most target clothes suck anyway, even if I do have a bigger choice. Think I’ve found ONE brand that I actually like, and it’s only a matter of time before that’s stuffed up.

3. Anja - May 7, 2008

Woohoo, that’s a friggin’ good rant!

4. Riayn - May 7, 2008

I am totally with you Bettina. Anything above a size 14 is impossible to find.
I went into Jeans West a couple of years ago looking for a size 18 in black jeans. I was told by the horrified shop assistant that “we don’t make black jeans that large”. I replied, ” So where do fat chicks buy them from then?”. She had no response. That is the day I gave up shopping in the women’s department. The men’s department has no qualms about making decent looking clothes for the heavy set man (or woman).
Totally with you about the lingerie as well. Gods I hate skin tone bras and am the not so proud owner of quite a few of them.

5. widdleshamrock - May 7, 2008

You are so preaching to the choir there sister !!!!!!

And I find anything decent for larger ladies are boutique type stuff and cost an arm and a leg !!!

6. Jayne - May 7, 2008

I’ve been shopping in the men’s clothing dept for years now, or borrowing The Spouse’s clothes because I damn well refuse to give my hard earned to those bastards!
Even the op shops are starting to label sizes 12 and 14 as “Larger Sizes” FFS, the bastards are everywhere!

7. Talia - May 7, 2008


Your post has made me laugh and cry- just one after the other, then back again.

I have also struggled with my weight and totally know what you mean about there being nothing pretty for the big girls!!

8. mylittledrummerboys - May 7, 2008

missed the show but Carson is sure going to turn some lives around . I saw the trailer and thought about time .Great rant !

9. Veronica - May 7, 2008

Target are just fucked with their sizing anyway. I know, I used to work for them.

All their clothes are made in China on ‘one size’ models. They don’t really allow for long legs, or big bums, or tiny breasts or anything a real woman has that a manikin doesn’t.

Hate them.

10. Tracey - May 7, 2008

I agree. Totally. Have you ever shopped at Miller’s? Ugh. That is what I have been reduced to. I noticed the other day that Target’s ‘nice’ clothes go up to size 18 now, so maybe one of these days…

11. magneto bold too - May 7, 2008

Oh I hear you with the bra thing! But I have found that BigW has lovely bras in bigger sizes W00T

I got a couple of gorgeous ones in a DD the other day. They even go up to an F!!! In pretty colours and BLACK! YAY!

And tell me, why do they make tops with horizontal stripes in larger sizes? I mean REALLY! Do I want to look even freaking bigger? Arsehats.

12. frogpondsrock - May 7, 2008

I want a purple lacy bra.. and a jade green one.. and and and…


13. Bettina - May 7, 2008

Girl – Hi thanks for commenting. No, I don’t like to wear sails either lol

Naomi – Thanks hon. Yeah Target suck, unfortunately they are it here.

Anja – thanks hon. 🙂

Riayn – skin tone sucks big fat hairy donkey wassits. You’d think retailers could show a little compassion on our partners too by giving us a little choice aye? 😉

WS – I seriously object to paying double for my clothes. If they cost a little more because of the extra material that would be one thing, but that’s not what they are pricing them on and we all know that.

Jayne – LOL!! I buy mens polo shirts and whatnot, or pinch hubby’s jumpers but sometimes I’d just like a couple of nice girly things. Sigh.

Talia – hugs hon. It’s frustrating isn’t it?

Trish – I loved the show. I think a lot of women will

Veronica – yeah target suck. lol You’re right they have horrible sizings. I keep praying to the retail gods that another store will open up so I have some options to no avail. Sigh.

Tracey – we can live in hope 😉 and yeah we have Millers. It’s a bit hit and miss. Some stuff fits, some don’t and most of what does is again back to stuff my mum would wear. Sigh.

Kelley – Big W or Best and Less are the two stores I keep praying to the retail gods that might come to our pathetic town. They are the two stores I go shopping at EVERYTIME I go shopping out of town. Part of the problem with me though is that while I’m a big girl, I don’t have huge hooters. I’m only a C/D cup. So I’m right in the middle of the size changeover and sometimes my cup size gets missed in my clothes size by bra manufacturers. And I hear ya with the horizontal stripe thing. Asshat fucktards in my opinion!

Kim – I hear ya woman. I do have though a lacy hot pink bra, but yeah purple would be good and jade green and and and……… sigh.

Thankyou everyone for your comments 🙂 It’s great to know I’m not the only one shitted to tears by shopping.

14. Katrina - May 8, 2008

DAMN! I knew there was something I was meant to be doing the other evening and now I know what it was. I wanted to watch that show as it looked interesting in the shorts. BUGGER

15. tiff - May 8, 2008

I am So with you on all of that rant! AGREE AGREE AGREE!!!!!

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