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Screw Up Tuesday May 6, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Blogging stuff, Family, In Laws.
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My week hasn’t involved as many stuff ups for a change. Oh we’ve had the usual forgetting glasses, missing phone calls and tripping over stuff, but nothing particularly spectacular or noteworthy.

My biggest screw up this week was to not pay any attention to who else was at the gym one day last week………….. I was having me a good ol’ bitch you see. About the SWIL………………

I was telling a girlfriend about how the SWIL nearly killed herself to entertain a male friend after finding out her pregnancy was ectopic, the same male friend who terrorised her children, beat her up and that she says raped her last year. This male ‘friend’ has now moved back to town to ‘be with her’ and is living with a friend of hers as he doesn’t want to move back in straight away. I don’t understand why she’s allowing this man back into her children’s lives. They are so scared of him and they hate him for the way he treats her.

I was also telling my friend about how the SWIL finally let the kids go on a visit to their father’s (my bro) without her because she decided that spending some “alone” time with her male ‘friend’ was more important that continuing to try to screw with my bro’s head by insisting that he was untrustworthy, going with the kids for a free holiday, spending all his money and sleeping in my bro’s bed for the week for a change of scenery. I explained to my friend how the SWIL sent the kids up there without everything they needed, for example my nephew had shoes but no socks, a winter pj top and satin boxers that were 3 sizes to small. My niece was sent up with socks but no shoes so my bro had to take the kids clothes shopping while he had them. Makes you wonder where her head is at……… then I remember that the stupid bitch obviously doesn’t have a functioning brain cell and I kick myself for expecting her to occasionally behave like a normal, rational person.

We were also talking about her having slept with at least 15 blokes (that we know of) the past year, her obsession with getting preggers and about how only 2 months ago she was wanting my bro to come back to her (before she lost the baby) leading us to think that the whole mess was over her wanting another baby and not being able to trick my bro into it.

Now the SWIL was mainly raised by her father. Her mother is bipolar and frankly she’s a carton short of a six pack. Having met her mother we can see quite clearly that the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree. Her father on the other hand is a really nice bloke but he had a stroke a few years ago and hasn’t had the greatest recovery. He went from being an active bloke and very skilled tradesperson to an old man overnight. He needs the assistance of a cane to walk, gets about in a gopher and still can’t speak very clearly. Things have been a little awkward when we do bump into him since the break up. He really like my bro and was starting to set him up to take over his business before the stroke. I think he’s appalled and ashamed by the way his daughter has carried on cos when he sees any of us you can tell there is stuff he would like to say, but he just doesn’t seem to know where to start. It must be breaking his heart to watch her bust up her family and go off the rail like her mother did.

I have a great deal of respect for this bloke. Raising a strong willed daughter whilst being intentionally sabotaged at every opportunity by a selfish as all get out, mentally ill ex wife ain’t a picnic. He did the best he could, and he dotes on his grandchildren………….. which is why I could have kicked myself stupid after I realised that he was at the gym the other day. While I was having a bit of a bitch. I felt about 2 inches high when I realised. We aren’t sure how much he knows of what she’s been up to over the past year or her motivations. I hope he didn’t over hear too much of it. He has enough pain to bear.

If you want to share your screw ups for this week, simply leave a comment and I’ll put a link in my post so we can all come visit you after all, if we can’t laugh at ourselves, should we really be laughing at others?


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1. widdleshamrock - May 6, 2008

Oops. !!!!!!!

Yup, mine is up……

2. widdleshamrock - May 6, 2008
3. Jayne - May 6, 2008

Fingers crossed he didn’t hear very much – I imagine you weren’t exactly yelling it out and he mustn’t have been too close or you would have seen him, so perhaps he heard not a peep.

4. Anja - May 6, 2008

Shit, busted.

Mine is up.

5. scrappydo - May 6, 2008

Hate it when you get busted like that. Poor guy for having such a stink daughter.

6. mylittledrummerboys - May 6, 2008

whoops … hopefully his hearing has aged as well.
I have had this happen – red faces and awkwardness included.

I agree to have a daughter like that must be a big disappointment.

7. magneto bold too - May 6, 2008

oooh don’t you hate that? That is why my ‘only say something about someone if you are willing to say it to their face’ is flawed. Cause sometimes the innocent get hurt.

That sucks.

8. jeanie - May 6, 2008

OH nothing like actually having someone you respect hearing all of that!

I have a post – although warning, I didn’t stick to the guidelines and it is long…


Cheers – off to check out the others (and feel better…)

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