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Glasses. May 5, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Funny Stuff, Kids, Ramblings, TJ.
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I was reading Trish’s Screw Up Tuesday the other day and found myself laughing as only one who has been there can at the saga of her son’s glasses.

Oh I know it’s not funny and I probably shouldn’t admit to laughing, but it’s one of those things that if you don’t laugh you’ll cry.

I feel her pain you see.

TJ’s first pair of glasses were eaten by the dog exactly three weeks after he got them. We were in the throes of declaring bankruptcy at the time and couldn’t afford to replace them.

We had to wait quite a while for the second pair and when we got them all seemed well for a year. Sure they had to be repaired every 3 months as springs collapsed and arms fell off but they weren’t mangled and munched on at least!

But as that pair was about to turn 1, we went horseriding. TJ was riding around on the back of a ute and decided that his glasses were annoying him so took them off and put them in his top pocket that had no button or flap to hold them in. We’ve got no idea which paddock exactly he was in when they fell out. We searched for over an hour. Walking the paddocks following the tyre tracks in the grass that the ute had made to no avail.

So we purchased a third pair. This time we got titanium frames. You know, the ones with a bit of twist and give in them? They lasted 6 weeks before the bridge snapped. They aren’t meant to do that! Titaninium for frick’s sake! The optometrist replaced them but sheesh!

The current pair are about 7 weeks old now. They have been lost, trodden on, sat on, rolled on, lost again, hung off the trampoline net and clothes line, left on the verandah, spent the night in nan’s backyard and already look ‘well loved’. Luckily they haven’t been run over by the lawnmower yet, but at this point that wouldn’t surprise me either.

I’m already planning on going down to pick out his new frames and lay-bying them for when we need them or maybe I should just organise a regular weekly payment to the optometrist? Oh hell, I should probably just deposit hubby’s weekly pay cheque straight into their bank account just to be on the safe side.



1. Darla - May 5, 2008

Oh my….my little boy just got his first pair of glasses about 6 mos ago. So far we haven’t had quite the dilemmas you have faced. oyyyy.

In our country, it’d be cheaper to buy disposable contacts than new glasses at the rate you are going.

2. Naomi - May 5, 2008


Can’t you just duct-tape them to his head? That stuff is awesome.

3. Bettina - May 5, 2008

I hope you have a much better time of it with them Darla.

I have seriously considered the duct tape solution Naomi, believe me……….. especially at 7:50 am when we are meant to be at piano lessons already but haven’t left the house cos we are looking for the damn glasses.

4. Jayne - May 5, 2008

I had glasses from a very young age and my mother drummed into me The Awesome Fear of The Very More-Than-Ticked-Off Irate Mater if I so much as took them off my nose lol.
These days mine are riveted to my face, coz I’m as blind as a bat (and in case she comes back to haunt me) 😛

5. mylittledrummerboys - May 5, 2008

Bettina LOL – NOT ! what brand are your son’s Titanium ones ?
I am still waiting to rob a bank to pay for our new pair – quoted $339 so far.Lucky we have a credit card.
I am trying to get the place to get a brand called Easytwist …because they have some kind of guarantee about replacing the glasses purchased through them – for half price (original less any rebates0 if damaged or lost within 12 months. I hope so!

If we could find the frames from the lawnmower I would duct tape them LOL. They are missing still.

6. Anja - May 6, 2008

Contact lenses have kept my sanity. I murdered three pairs in a year when I first had to wear glasses.

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