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Screw Up Tuesday. April 29, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Ramblings.

Welcome once again to Screw Up Tuesday. Or as Anonymum called it last week, my fuck up fest!

Let us start with last Thursday when we had to chase people up to help with erecting the tent at Driver Reviver. Everyone thought it was Friday that the tent needed to go up. Well, I guess on any given normal long weekend it would be, but given that Friday was the actual public holiday not MOnday, the damn tent needed to be up Thursday.

And our shift was Thursday night going into Friday morning and not Friday night going into Saturday morning as everyone thought.

But that’s OK. A few phone calls and explanations later and we were all sorted. Until Sunday. When those people meant to be taking the tent back down wanted to argue that it didn’t come down till Monday. Where is the common sense people????? No really. I’m serious. I’d really like to know!

And D. One of the stalwarts of our brigade argued with me on Thursday afternoon that the end of season meeting was to start at 6pm instead of the usual 7:30. So I ring Firecom to check only to be met with confusion (well nothing unusual there *snigger*) and a request for the exact wording of the message saying 6pm start. I’ve gotten hold of D’s pager by then and couldn’t find the message, told Firecom not to worry and went back outside to ask D where this mysterious message was. He flicks through the messages, finds one and  shows it to me. He was reading the time the message was sent and taking that as the meeting time. Sigh. Note to brigade members – make sure that you know how to read your damn pagers before using them as evidence to argue with the secretary!

Oh and my favourite……….. The white shirted hero’s meant to be running the aforementioned meeting left work, drove for an hour to get over here for the meeting and forgot their key to the station. I did receive the most interesting phone call that night asking for favours after calling me all sorts of wonderful, flattering endearments.  My love slave was beginning to wonder who on earth I was talking to with all the ‘sweetie, honey, darling’ crap going on until I hung up the phone and dissolved into fits of laughter after telling him that they forgot to bring a key.

But the love slave was not to be left out this week either. After spending 3 days trying to discuss a fire extinguisher demonstration at a community event we were going to be attending on Saturday he remembered the fire extinguishers, but not the tray or fuel to make a small contained fire in to use the fire extinguishers on. In the end we sent him back into town to get them.

In guest screw ups,   the electrician who was checking and tagging all appliances at the kids school didn’t plug the school canteen freezer back in properly. This particular screw up wasn’t discovered till days later by which time the fish in particular was quite on the nose. EWWWWWW

So, there you have it. A fantastic week of spectacular screw ups, fabulous fuck ups and just plain ol’ bad luck. To join in our feast of idiot moments just leave a comment with a link back to your own post so we can all come visit you, sympathise and laugh our arses off. 😛



1. Jayne - April 29, 2008

You know what the sad thing is, Bettina?
Those screw ups are similar to ones I’ve come across in my (almost) past 40 years …and all done by (as if you couldn’t guess) men. *snort*

2. Trish - April 29, 2008

LOL – these are good and worth a laugh or two – except the fridge -ewww – the builders renovating my FIL”s house while he was away on holidays left the power off and we found it when we turned up one day to check on things.A week of two later …needless to say we couldn’t leave it and we almost both spewed the rotting meat stench was so bad – and it had leaked all through the fridge from freezer to drip tray and floor underneath.
After we cleaned – we should chucked the fridge out – we could n’t eat or look at raw meat for a few weeks.
I think he eventually chucked the fridge … Mine will be up later !

3. Anja - April 29, 2008

I’ve had a week that’s relatively free of screw ups. You more than made up for me. *giggles*

4. widdleshamrock - April 29, 2008

I did mine before I went out.

Enjoyed your Tuesday.

5. magneto bold too - April 29, 2008

my whole week was full of screw ups and arsehats.

And you know what? As soon as I read your post I went to check my freezer was on, *snort* Murphy and all that…

6. Trish - April 30, 2008

Mine is up … it has taken over 2 hrs but it is still Tuesday in somewhere in the world

read my screwup post HERE

7. anonymum - April 30, 2008

Makes my dropping a dozen eggs look pretty tame! What a shit of a week!
Don’t mean to laugh, it just happens!

8. Bettina - April 30, 2008

Jayne – nothing sad about that…… just typical lol!

Trish – yeah the freezer was disgusting! thanks for joining in.

Anja – I’m glad you had a good week hon

WS – thanks

Kelley – yeah Murphy’s a fucker like that.

Anonymum – Don’t be sorry, most of them weren’t my fuckups so it’s no skin off my nose if you laugh!! lol

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