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Suggestions Anyone? April 27, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Ramblings.

A girlfriend of mine is organising a birthday party for her MIL. They are putting together a THIS IS YOUR LIFE… party and inviting a couple of hundred people.

So she is trying to think of reflective life songs to use on the DVD that they are making of her MIL’s life…She has asked me for suggestions so I figured with you my lovely internets all being so knowledgeable, that you may be able to give me some suggestions to pass along……….

So. Suggestions anyone?


1. Joh Blogs - April 27, 2008

Hi, I often use David Bowie’s ‘Golden Years’. It’s got great lyrics and is upbeat. It really depends on what she is trying to convey I reckon. There’s lots of great songs but depends on the subject matter and the person’s own taste. It’s always good to take that into account. I wouldn’t put the same song for something for my grandparents as for my students at school for example.

2. leechbabe - April 28, 2008

For my MILs 60th birthday my husband put together the music for the party.

The chose one song from each year of her life – I think most years they just chose the song that was at the top of the charts but occasionally they’d pick a song with special significance.

Was a big job though, even for an audiophile like my hubby who is trained to work in radio and has spent years doing DJ gigs – and thus has a massive music collection.

3. Anja - April 28, 2008

Greenday’s “Time of your life” It’s quite a touching song.

I think it depends on the age of the person, their musical taste etc.

4. Dorothy Stahlnecker - April 28, 2008

I agree, for instance my 63 year old husband listens to some music I like and others I don’t so it will be important to try to figure out what they personally prefer. Good luck its a great part of the party having the right music..

My best,
Dorothy from grammology

5. widdleshamrock - April 28, 2008

Hmmm, you can google what was Number one the week she was born maybe ??? And play that ?? If it’s a song that’s not too blah.

Man, that’s a mammoth task…..

How far away is it ??

6. Naomi - April 28, 2008

Welcome to the Jungle?


Hmmm… have you done any posts about her? More info?

7. Bettina - April 28, 2008

no, she’s not my MIL. lol

Very close knit family, youngest son had cancer when a teen and they uprooted their life to move to canberra with him for treatment. Lost her husband late last year to a heart attack – they’d been married 40 years.

8. Naomi - April 28, 2008

Ahhh, OK. Sorry. Thought I’d read it badly but turns out you were ambiguous, so it’s your own fault! 😛

Wind Beneath My Wings
Thank You For Being a Friend
Here Comes the Sun?
Shine (Shannon Noll?)
100 Years? (Five for Fighting)
What a Wonderful World?
Wings of a Dove (Madness)

9. Bettina - April 28, 2008

Yes, I see what I did lol. Have fixed it now. *slaps self*

10. alice - April 28, 2008

I agree with the arlier suggestion of what was number 1 when she was born. For further additions, you could go number 1 when she was 13, again at 16, at 18, 21, wedding song etc.

11. Tracey - May 3, 2008

Puff the Magic Dragon.


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