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It’s a dog’s life…………. April 27, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Ramblings.

Chewing a bone under the trampoline after a hard day spent following & barking at the kids, gazing wistfully at the rabbit and half heartedly chasing the cats.



1. Anja - April 27, 2008

Aww, the old, fat fella is beautiful. What a lovely hound.

2. dancingwithfrogs - April 27, 2008

Old dogs are lovely. They know exactly where they fit in the family, and they just ARE. I still miss my old Laura, and she died over 3 years ago. Old dogs just fit like a comfy slipper…

3. leechbabe - April 27, 2008

Nice! Can I join him under there?

4. Scrappydo - April 27, 2008

Now he looks like one cool dude – or as Mr 6 wuld say: ” He’s a Monty!” (ie the type of dog that HE wants)

5. Bettina - April 27, 2008

Would you believe he’s recently lost weight? lol

His name is Shadow because he follows us around like one and he’s about 8.

6. Lee - April 30, 2008

He looks pretty damn content!!

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