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Way Back When April 22, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Ramblings.

I was having a discussion with TJ about different places that I’ve lived in my life.

TJ – ‘Did you have a house in QLD Mum?’

Me – ‘ yup’

TJ – ‘ Was it like this one? A normal house?’

Me –  ‘Yup, just a normal house, but not quite as big as this one.’ (while wondering what the hell his idea of normal is)

TJ – ‘ but it was still a house right?’

Me – ” yup’

TJ – ‘ Cos they wouldn’t have had flats there back then would they Mum?’

Me – (stunned silence as a contemplate just how old my son thinks I am…………….. )



1. widdleshamrock - April 23, 2008

ROFL !!!!!!!!

I LOVE your son !!!!!!

What I love about those conversations is they are SO EARNEST !!!!

2. Frogdancer - April 23, 2008

yes, we’re all so elderly….

in fact, we didn’t even have a life until our kids came along to take centre stage… (though how they think they got here at all if that was the case has me a little stumped!)

3. Jayne - April 23, 2008

It’s when TJ asks if you watched Queen Vic getting crowned that you need to panic 😛

4. Naomi - April 23, 2008


Maybe he just thinks QLD is backward…

(like 95% of Australia’s population)

5. jeanie - April 23, 2008

Are you saying 95% of Australia is backward, Naomi?

lol – it truly DOES impress them though when you tell them how tough it was in our dinosaur era – no mobiles, no computers, no videos.

6. magneto bold too - April 23, 2008

*snort* my kids pull that sort of shit with me all the time.

Moo – did they have colour when you were a kid? (watching a special on tv about old tv shows that were on before I was freaking BORN!)

7. anonymum - April 23, 2008

Mine were the same when they were young. Did you have, phones, Atari’s {showing my age there!} buses, coulour TV {after answering in the affirmative about TV to start with!}…but the classic? The ABSOLUTE classic?
Mum, did you have electricity or gas when you were a kid?
No girls we didn’t! Every time we wanted to cook it was my job to rub the freaking sticks together to get the fire going for the cast iron pot and then my Mum would cook enough for a week so I didn’t have to go out in the snow again for a few days.
What the fuck do you think????
You really gotta love them don’t you?

8. Anja - April 24, 2008

Tell TJ you used to kickstart your dinosaur to go to school.

9. Talia - April 24, 2008


10. Bettina - April 24, 2008

WS – Yes, so very very earnest. lol

Frogdancer – I have many occasions to ponder that question myself…….. lol

Naomi – lol Well he wouldn’t be far wrong…. 😛 lmao

Jeanie – I dunno about impressed……. gobsmacked perhaps lol

Kelley – This one is by far the worst at doing this to me…….. probably because he’s the most questioning one

Anonymum – BAAHAAAHAAA I’m waiting for the electricity one so I can tell him I was raised in a tent!

Anja – He’d believe me! He’s quite gullible like that! lmao

Talia – thanks for stopping by.

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