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Simple Pleasures Sunday April 20, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Ramblings.

I liked this theme from last week, so think I shall use it again and again and again and again and ……. yeah you get the idea.

We have had Miss Lou home on break from school this past week. It has been so nice to have my children together, relaxed, not worrying about what shit the freak was going to try to pull this time, and just hanging out. It is so nice to see my girl getting her confidence back and being more of the cheeky little show stopper that she always was. It’s been a little tiring though. After 4 years of hardly getting to see her, I’d forgotten how tiring her constant ploys for attention could be. She’s headed back to Sydney today to spend a week with her aunts before going back to school.

She was delighted with the surprise that we had for her in putting up a mosquito net over her bed.

Looks nice doesn’t it? Such a little thing, but she really liked it.

CJ hamming it up inside the net. She is becoming such a witty, sassy, funny girl. I am so loving the person she is growing up into.

Hanging out playing the Gamecube.

Miss Lou modelling the hat that I crocheted for her on Friday.

We didn’t ‘do’ anything this past week. Just chilled out at home, watched a few movies together, played the Gamecube, did a little gardening together, played some board games, did some cooking, and the kids did some bike riding around the neighbourhood. It was normal, it was simple, it was easy, it was good.



1. Gemisht - April 21, 2008

Sounds like a great week. Sometimes not doing anything is the best – time to just chill out and let them be kids and enjoy their company 🙂

The bed looks gorgeous. Wanna come and decorate my room????

2. Anja - April 21, 2008

Oh my stars! I’m with Gemisht. That bedroom is so pretty but not fussy.

Aaaaaaaaaaargh, CJ looks older every time I see her. And that smile is a knock out.

What a fun and back to basics time you have had. I’m glad you enjoyed it so much. And I’m sooooooooo glad you’re now getting to enjoy these moments with your lovely Lou. And I hope the freak develops a nasty infection of the urethra for all that he’s done.

3. Naomi - April 21, 2008

Love the hat 🙂

4. Darla - April 21, 2008

What a pretty bedroom. I’m sure Miss Lou Loves it!

Hey, I’ve missed you, have you missed me?

~FormerlyFromItAll (remember me, from Iowa?)

5. Jayne - April 21, 2008

Love the hat and that quilt cover is a knock out!
Ditto what everyone else has said – sometimes it’s just chilling out and doing nothing that’s the best way to enjoy each others company 🙂

6. Kin - April 21, 2008

Aww, I love the bed, and the hat!

I agree, sometimes just doing nothing with the kids can be the most fun.

7. Kelli - April 21, 2008

The doona cover is so pretty, I want one. And the bet really makes it into a girls room.

I love hanging out with not a lot to do & my kids dio it.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays.

8. magneto bold too - April 21, 2008

I was thinking ‘ooh she looks like her mum!’ and then went to check with your pic and it is gone! Bugger.

Bring back the Bettina pic!

9. Bettina - April 21, 2008

Gemisht – thanks, it was a great week. I can’t take all the credit for the bed – CJ helped pick the linens.

Anja – LMFAO – Lou’s been telling me a little more and right at the moment I’m hoping the step bitch mom develops a very nasty fungal infection……….

Naomi – thanks. I was quite pleased with how it turned out.

Darla – yes I have missed you and thanks.

Jayne – thanks. I was going for something that wasn’t overy frilly/fussy girly so that if guests had to use her room they wouldn’t be uncomfortable, but that was still something she’d have picked for herself.

Kin – thanks. Yeah, I really enjoy a break from everything where we can just hang and chill.

Kelli – thanks. We have a few things on this week, but am planning on a lot more bumming around time.

Kelley – lol. I’ll put the pic back somewhere when I get my theme back! And most everyone says that CJ takes after me

10. scrappydo - April 22, 2008

Gosh that all just sounds idyllic. Love the princess net! 🙂

11. Darla - April 25, 2008

You have missed me? *sniffle*

Come visit me some time. I have a “new pad”. LOL

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