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Hot Hunk Thursday! April 17, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Funny Stuff, Ramblings.
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Widdle Shamrock sent a few of us a lovely email the other day saying that she was moving to Houston and then setting her house on fire so that a calendar year’s worth of firefighting hunky spunky man flesh like this –

would show up to put it out. I’m not including all the photo’s here. You can leave one of us a comment if you’d like it forwarded to you though lol. My mother made me forward it to her to forward to her girlfriends…….. dirty ol’ broads! lmao

Out of the ensuing madness and conversation WS decided that Thursday’s would be a great day to share and show off any hot hunks we found on our travels around the internet world so in honour of our fair green kiwi friend I present to you my first ever Hot Hunk Thursday offering!

Today’s offering is courtesty of Scrappydo, another fair kiwi nutter who wasn’t quite up for posting this particular hunk on her own blog as people she knows in her face to face life read it and she wanted to maintain her ‘good girl’ image. She ain’t fooling none of us though is she dear internets?

Are you drooling yet? And no Anja, that is probably not a periscope in his pocket, I’m betting he’s just glad to see you! lol

And just so that no noses are put out of joint, here is my very own hot hunk the PSLS

You don’t have to drool this time but excuse me while I do.

Yeah OK, so no man looks particuarly attractive with trackpants and an old t-shirt on him without being artistically arranged, but I know what’s underneath. 😉 lol

For more Hot Hunk Thursday action go get a towel to wipe up the drool then head on over to Widdle Shamrock’s blog.

Now where did that husband of mine get to……………..



1. Anja - April 17, 2008

That was February, wasn’t it? And now I’m humming “Come on baby light my fire” Makes a nice change from the Wiggles.

Ooooo you did dump Scrappydo in the doo doo. *giggles* All I can say is:

DIVE, DIVE, DIVE!!!!! Snooooooooooooooorkel!!!!

PINK SHIRTED LOVE SLAVE!!!! Shake your tail feather.

Oh crap, we *are* showing the men bits. The Bunny must be sacrificed next week.

2. Jayne - April 17, 2008

Up periscope? 😛

3. Bettina - April 17, 2008

I think he was January actually………… You’d better go have another look and check 😉

4. magneto bold too - April 17, 2008

sick girls. I dunno about Scrappydo’s hunk, the water looks all greasy… half expecting to see a floatie floating across the screen.

5. Queen of the Desert - April 17, 2008

I do like Scrappydo’s hunk – so nice of her to share.

Kelley the oil in the bath is the baby oil he smothered himself in so he’s all smoooooof.

6. Anja - April 17, 2008

Alas, he is not pierced.

7. scrappydo - April 17, 2008


I do so adore that picture! But you knew that. 😛 Now watch your stats climb as I come to visit him often 😆 Thank you for giving him an abode 😆

8. scrappydo - April 17, 2008

PS – I am a good girl. Sometimes 😉

9. widdleshamrock - April 17, 2008

*snort* Good girl, my hot little patootie !!!!

I think Booth in bath needs his back scrubbed…..

And PSLS has a nice tooshie.

Phew, is it me, or is it getting hot in here…..

10. Nicole - April 17, 2008

Now,…., how do I get the keyboard of my Laptop clean again????

Next week we want to see your personal hot hunk arranged in a different way so we can drool with you 😉

11. Bettina - April 17, 2008

That could require some stealth…………… I tried sneaking up on his earlier while he was distracted by the phone, but to no avail.


Wonder if I can get him to flex his arms for a pic for me – he’s quite proud of them


12. Anja - April 17, 2008

Is there something wrong with perving on other people’s menfolk? If so, I’m a bad, bad girl.

13. frogpondsrock - April 17, 2008

*skips away all happy and stuff* hehehe Yay for Hot Hunk Thursday.. count me in girls. *wipes away the drool*
hehehehe cheers twice kim

14. anonymum - April 18, 2008

I’m currnty thinking about moving to Houston!

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