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Garden Update April 16, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Ramblings.

No pics of the pink shirted love slave (PSLS) playing in the garden today.

But some pics instead of some of my fab growing garden.

First up my lovely lettuces. They are starting to head nicely and we’ve only lost one to Shadow’s dogged insistence that he should sleep in the garden.

Then we have my peas please starting to climb quite nicely –

(Never mind the long grass beside the peas…….it’s the only bit of green grass we’ve got!)

Oh and I’d better show you TJ’s patio carrots hadn’t I?

Aren’t you impressed? I know I am. So the carrots we put in the main garden bed didn’t grow cos the ground was a bit too wet where we tried them and the dog ate a couple of the onions then slept on them, then dug in them and raced around in the garden and TJ drove his cars all over it and tried to dig a cave in it so that he could pretend his cars had gone to Wellington Caves………………. Today we planted more lettuces and broccoli seedlings and more onions. Tomorrow I’m buying chicken wire to put a fence around the garden beds. Meantime one of our potatoes is growing and two of our sweet potatoes and I have a small bunch of shallots too, not to mention hubby’s eleventy hundred billion seedlings.

Last weekend we spread out the eleventy hundred billion cabbage seedlings that the PSLS so thoughtfully planted by tipping the whole frickin’ packet of seeds out over the garden.

Next weekend the PSLS should have finished the second garden bed so that we can spread out the eleventy hundred billion cauliflower seedlings that he also thoughtfully planted again by tipping out the whole frickin’ packet of seeds on the garden.

And then I’m planning on teaching my PSLS how to read the a seed packet so that he knows I’m not kidding when I tell him that a packet contains HUNDREDS of seeds and we don’t need to use the whole packet at once! 🙂



1. Jayne - April 16, 2008

Ahhh male logic “if I dump this lot out here it’ll save time doing it several times a year” 😛

2. Anja - April 16, 2008

I think Jayne said it all.

It’s starting to look lovely. Well done!

3. jeanie - April 16, 2008

We have a VERY vibrant parsley patch using that planting technique – seeds only cost a couple of bucks, hundreds of cabbages much more – but how much for that lesson?

Our peas have not come up AT ALL – still too hot up here, it seems.

4. Naomi - April 16, 2008


Best way to teach that sort of lesson is via pain, I find… 110000000 seedlings later he SHOULD have the idea 😛

5. scrappydo - April 16, 2008

I can grow weeds really really well…. (real weeds that is!)

6. picklebums - April 16, 2008

ooh look at your peas.. yum! Sadly our vegie garden is in terminal weed mode after a summer of veggies ripened without much love. ROFL about your PSLS – men never can RTFM!

7. babyamore - April 16, 2008

I love hearing how your grows Bettina.
I hope you get a good crop.
Our neighbours are market gardeners but they only grow hundreds of seedlings next door – they gave me a few but the dog,the scorching sun ,the kids then the rain had killed all but one of two …

8. widdleshamrock - April 17, 2008

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come and do me a vege garden.

Am rather disappointed at the lack of photos of the Pink shirted love slave.

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