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Screw Up Tuesday April 15, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Ramblings.

Last week I realised that I hadn’t done the minutes yet from our last brigade meeting. Then I realised that I didn’t know where I had put them. I was quite agitated when I got home from the meeting after having a confrontation with our resident asshat about his fucktardiness. I looked all around my computer, checked the pile of mags near the bed, wracked my brain and couldn’t remember if I’d even brought them home. In the end I searched the station office. Still no sign. Found them yesterday while looking for something else. Hubby had ‘tidied’ up for me the other week and shoved them in with some of our personal papers. No wonder I couldn’t find them!

The other day my dear friend Widdle Shamrock emailed an invitation to a few of our newer bloggy friends to move with her to Houston for reasons that may become clearer later in the week. We three of the coven hit ‘reply all’ to loop our emails as per our usual and before we remembered that some of our newer friends were also included had managed to send over 100 emails between us exposing them all to a full doses of our own particular brand of insanity. Ooops! πŸ˜‰

Then this morning I leave the house with 2 children and a husband. I come home with 6 bags of manure, 4 strawberry plants, 3 punnets of seedlings, 3 children, 2 pony tail palms, a guinea pig named ‘Patch’ and a bale of hay………… interesting. Not quite sure how I managed that though Anja reckons that one husband for 6 bags of manure is a pretty even swap!

Poor TJ is sitting here feeling quite terrible at the moment. CJ went out to fuss over ‘Patch’, came back inside in tears telling me that the guinea pig was missing. We found him a few minutes later safe and sound in TJ’s lap. He felt quite bad that his sister got a fright and was crying because he’d taken Patch out of the cage and not told her. Not quite big enough to disregard his big sisters feelings just yet.

And then this afternoon Firecoms ask us to get a crew together for a Hazard Reduction burn on Friday, even set off the pagers for us to notify our members for us but neglect to tell anyone what time or where. Not sure what I’m meant to tell anyone who rings up wanting to know!

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1. widdleshamrock - April 15, 2008

rofl, oh well, they had to find out the truth about us sonner or later, lol.

Love it.

2. Anja - April 15, 2008

Premium screw up. *sigh*

3. scrappydo - April 15, 2008

So you’ve had a week of them then huh? I wouldn’t count the Reply all one as a screw up… more like sharing your love πŸ˜›

4. anonymum - April 15, 2008

Bettina PLEASE send me an email reminding me about the screw up tuesday next MONDAY???
Maybe that’s my screw up for the week? Forgetting I mean?
**bitch slaps self to knock some sense into thick fucking head**

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