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Oh the joys April 11, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Ramblings.

My nephew Tay turned 6 today. His birthday is easy for me to remember. It’s exactly one month after mine! the rest of them I mix up a little, but still manage to get the right week mostly so it’s all good, but I digress.

One of his presents was a Ninja Turtles t-shirt! He was stoked, cos Ninja Turtles are cool, hip and in again apparently, and wanted to wear his new shirt straight away so immediately slipped off his school shirt and started to put the new shirt on.

Meantime my 5 year old niece Jen is sitting on the floor playing cards with CJ when she all of a sudden covers her eyes and starts telling CJ not to look cos “it’s disgusting!!”

I ask her what’s disgusting and she peaks through her fingers, points at Tay and says “Him! Doing that!” CJ laughs at her and tries to tell her that boys are always doing that. I tell her that it’s only Tay’s belly, it’s not like he’s got his butt hanging out and Jen makes strange noises and turns beet red. CJ falls over and starts literally rolling around the floor in laughter at the expression on Jen’s face.

I was quite surprised when Jen later joined in playing ‘The Farting Game’ that the boys invented. Basically they were getting balloons, blowing them up then letting them go and seeing whose balloon made the best farting sounds.

Then there was the pass-the-parcel game where an over eager 4 year old guest had to be held down everytime the parcel came his way to stop him ripping all the paper off. Later he went around and stole everyone elses prizes insisting that they were all HIS!

Kids! Funny little buggers ain’t they?



1. babyamore - April 11, 2008

they certainly are – we have two strippers here at the moment who have just learned how to completely undress themselves. At least Tay kept his pants on.
The Farting game sounds fun … boys got to love ’em can’t tie them to a tree.

2. Gemisht - April 12, 2008

Boys, huh????? And girls reacting to boys. Too funny. My DD is the same when her big brother takes his shirt off. “Eeeuuuwww Mum, he’s naked” LOL.

And the Pass the Parcel thief – there’s almost always one of them in every crowd isn’t there 🙂

3. frogpondsrock - April 12, 2008

the last time the turtles were ‘in’ My flaky BIL wouldn’t let his kids watch them, blah blah blah.. My nieces used to love visiting aunty kimmy hehehehe

Cheers kim

4. Anja - April 12, 2008

I don’t know what’s funnier; the farting game or the comments. I nearly choked on my coffee when I read “boys got to love ’em can’t tie them to a tree” That’s priceless.

A pass the parcel thief *sniggers* I wonder if he is going to be one of those kids who you will be visiting from the other side of the bars?

Geez Louise, I know parents have to be conscious of what kids watch, but the “Turtles”? For the love of… that has to be the most harmless and fun kid’s entertainment. Good for you, Aunty Kimmy. 🙂

5. Jayne - April 12, 2008

LOL sounds like a great party, amazing how the balloon farting game keeps going through the generations!
Love the line from Trish 😉

6. widdleshamrock - April 12, 2008

lol, love boys and their love of farts, poos etc.

MNT are way cool.

Sounds like that had a great time.

7. magneto bold too - April 12, 2008

Well we think the teenage mutant ninja teletubbies are way cooler here. But then were are bonkers.

8. anonymum - April 12, 2008

Our eldest grandson is TMNT mad!! Every time you ask him what he wants for whatever present it is, that’s the answer!
Kids…gotta love ’em…guaranteed to make you smile every time

9. Naomi - April 13, 2008


Reminds me of the time I got told off by my (then) six year old son for saying ‘bum’! So I apologised, and said ‘bottom’. He looked more scandalised and told me that was a rude word too. Hmmm. So I decided to just ASK what the hell to call it. “We don’t call it anything,” he primly informed me. Well, that was where I started laughing hysterically…

A friend told me I should’ve asked if I could call it “that thing on the other side of your penis”

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