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Is it wrong……………..? April 11, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Exercise, Funny Stuff, Goals, Health.
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To come home from the gym and eat a bar of chocolate? lol

Today I nearly fell asleep on the mat, after my workout, while I was stretching.

I didn’t think that was a good sign.

So I gave myself a sugar boost. 🙂



1. widdleshamrock - April 11, 2008

Doesn’t everyone have a bar of chocolate after working out at the gym. ????

2. lightening - April 11, 2008

That all depends on why you’re going to the gym. If it’s to get fit – no. If it’s to lose weight – not such a great idea. If it was up to me – yes. If it was up to my trainer – no. LOL. But what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her right?

3. Casdok - April 11, 2008

Love your thinking!!

4. anonymum - April 11, 2008

If it works for you, go for it I say

5. frogpondsrock - April 11, 2008

gym??? who is this gym??

6. babyamore - April 11, 2008

LOL – the comments are just as funny.
Of course everyone does it but few are honest enough to blog about it.

7. Joh Blogs - April 12, 2008

Isn’t the block of chocolate why I go to the gym? I exercise so I can eat more:-)

8. Bettina - April 13, 2008

WS – That’s what I thought!

Lightening – It was a silly question not a serious one!

Casdok – thanks. I do try to think outside the square

Anonymum – well, I dunno that it worked for me, I still had to have a nap later, but nothing ventured nothing gained right? 😉

Kim – gym is the local torture master lol

Trish – I do try to be honest lol

Joh – my thoughts exactly!! lol

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