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The Race. April 10, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Funny Stuff, Pets.
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Every morning in my house there is a race. it is an unspoken of race, with no rules or declaration of intent to race, but it is there nonetheless.

It is a race between me and Coal the cat, with me aiming to prevent this

from happening while her aim is to take over my side of the bed for the rest of the day.

You see I only have to leave my bed for a scant few minutes in the morning and she will consider it fair game. And for some reason it is only my bed and only my side of my bed that is fair game.

So the race is to see whether or not I can get the bed made before she tries to take it over for the day sleepers shift because black cats and white sheets are not a great combination.

And today I lost. Damn those visitors coming to the door before I’m up and about forcing me to leave my bed unmade and unguarded for long enough for her to take possession!

Ah well, there is always tomorrow…… at least she’s not using my pillow yet today.



1. Gemisht - April 10, 2008

LOL, sorry you didn’t win today. Hmm black cat, white sheets, not a good combination. A bit like my spare bed and my cat – he’s a Russian Blue so dark enough.

There’s always tomorrow…….. and sticky tape inside out to remove the evidence 🙂

2. Bettina - April 10, 2008

She’s very much hubby’s cat, I think she’s actually trying to displace me………….

3. Leigh - April 10, 2008

We have the opposite problem, light cats in dark purple sheets.
It isn’t really our bed, it’s there and they just spare a small space for us to sleep in at night LOL

4. Casdok - April 10, 2008

I bet she put your visitors up to it!

5. Anja - April 10, 2008

Ooo, she’s hubby’s cat. Yep, she wants “HER” place next to hubby’s scent.

6. widdleshamrock - April 11, 2008

We had a lab who tried to do the same with Mr Shamrock and I.

Upsurped by a pet !!!!! Don’t let it happen !!!

7. Scrappydo - April 11, 2008

Hey, that’s just like our cat….!!! I mean, I think they could be twins. It’s that black cat attitude I reckon. 🙄 🙂

8. Marita - April 11, 2008

😀 my cat was always very possessive about ‘our’ bed and got really unhappy about sharing the bed after I got married. She was not impressed with this large male creature in ‘our’ bed. For ages she used to use hubby’s side of the bed as her litterbox.

Ahhh memories. I miss my kitty.

9. Jayne - April 11, 2008

The Spouse’s cat doesn’t even bother to wait for me to get out of bed, he just flops down near/on my head while I’m sleeping and tries to “love me to death” lol.

10. Erin! - April 13, 2008

LOL my Tiger loves to sleep on Moo’s white satin pillow case, he often complains his pillow is furry and smells like cat. However during the night she must take up room in my bed, to the point that a 3.5kg cat can manage to take up HALF of a QUEEN size bed. And she looks so put out if you shift her sideways or how dare you, put her down to the box on the floor where she has a minky blanket (one of the kids baby blankets) and her own teddybear (which she likes to cuddle or bite depending on her mood, is the closest to a kitten I could get for her).

LOL and after DBF being away for two weeks, she saw him walk in last night and freaked and hid and wouldnt come near him for hours and then spent the rest of the night curled up against him in bed.


11. Bettina - April 13, 2008

LOLOL Erin!!

My Sox climbed up on the roof today, then sat above my head on the roof where he could see and talk to me then made all cute with the rolling around like he expected a good petting despite the fact that I couldn’t possibly reach him……. *shakes head*

12. river - June 22, 2008

You’ll just have to get black sheets………

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