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Screw Up Tuesday April 8, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Blogging stuff, Funny Stuff.

Welcome once again to Screw Up Tuesday, that wonderful time of the week when you get to share you stuff ups, screw ups, frig ups, slip ups and ‘oh shit’ moments with your wonderful, ever larfin-their-arses-of-at-you audience of friends.

The screw up I was most kicking myself about this week was forgetting about a music workshop CJ was supposed to go to on Saturday. This wasn’t our first attempt to get to one either folks. She missed one in March when Easter snuck up on my, so this was the reorganised one to make up for the first one that I forgot one! And I forgot it again. I’m a dweeb. I’ve got to get my whiteboard thing happening again with everyone’s activities for the week written up on it.

In other screw ups, and following on from my one the other week that inspired all this, I forgot to sign myself out of wordpress when TJ was on the pc yesterday. Consequently he has made a comment on someone’s blog as me, not him. For the record, I do not like or play soccer! 😉

To join in the screw up mayhem, add the URL for your Screw Up Tuesday post into Mr Linky (click on the button below to pop up the page), then go have a good laugh at what everyone else has been doing wrong this week. After all, they do say that being able to laugh at yourself means that you have a firm grip on reality! 🙂



1. widdleshamrock - April 8, 2008

Oops !!!!!!

And yeah, I wondered about you and soccer …… lol

2. Anja - April 8, 2008

What a day of screw ups. *giggles*

3. Casdok - April 8, 2008

Yes you have got to laugh!
Great screw ups!!

4. Lee - April 8, 2008

…when somebody asks you if you’re a god you say YES.

Just returning the favour and a grin

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