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Pick a Saint April 6, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in CJ, Family, Kids, Parenting.

CJ is in the process of choosing a saint to be named for when she is confirmed in May.

One of the saints she has been considering is Saint Rose. We discovered today that there are two of them – Saint Rose of Lima and Saint Rose of Viterbo.

Initially I thought that Saint Rose of Lima may be a nice choice. The story presented in the book we had borrowed was of a young girl who was appalled at the fuss other’s made of her beauty, who took to hiding herself away wanting God to find her soul as beautiful as the world found her face. Wanting to be beautiful on the inside is something that we’d all like for our daughters right?

After reading this and this, I’m thinking this Rose chick is a complete and utter nutter with her disfiguring herself and sleeping on kinky homemade beds. The girl should be the patron saint of self mutilators and side show freaks.

So on to the second Rose. Saint Rose of Viterbo. She initially sounds a little better with all her standing up for the pope/church etc at a young age and all that. Sure the idea of a three year old raising the dead and making her own grotto to worship in after the local convent decided that she was too poor to join them is a little strange, but a damn sight less nutty than the other Rose. On the nutty side though, she did die at 17, most probably something to do with the repeated starving herself as discipline thing while she was locked away in her little self made grotto.

Some of the really big things that I, as a parent, hope for my girls to avoid are those involving abusing their own bodies by starving  or cutting themselves. I think we may revisit the whole ‘Pick a Saint’ thing tomorrow. Surely there has to be a reasonably normal sounding saint in there somewhere. Just one saint who has a quality CJ can emulate without some of the extreme self discipline that these Rose girls indulged in.



1. Casdok - April 7, 2008

I look forward to hearing if you do find a ‘normal’ saint!!

2. dancingwithfrogs - April 7, 2008

Oh dear lord!!!
That Rose of Lima was one scary lady. Imagine being her mother… how embarrassing.

3. sueblimely - April 7, 2008

I was traumatized by my confirmation – the priest gave me the wrong name. I had chosen Maria but he confirmed me as Martha.

Must be the reason for my disorganization – I often don’t know if I am Arthur or Martha 🙂

4. widdleshamrock - April 7, 2008

I was Mary… The boy I had a humugus crush on chose Joseph **Sigh**

5. Anja - April 7, 2008

Mine was Carmel. That’s freakin’ funny when I think about it now.

6. Marita - April 7, 2008

Those saints are nuts. And yeah self mutilation to be avoided and not encouraged.

7. Jayne - April 7, 2008

What date in May and I’ll look up a nice, normal (if I can find one) saint on or near that date 😉
Have a gander at this one, she seems reasonable

8. Anja - April 7, 2008

Died while praying. Bahahahaha… always knew it could kill ya.

Sorry, B. *sniggers*

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