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The Cathedral Cave March 29, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in CJ, Family, Holidays, Hubby, Kids, TJ.

I haven’t particularly felt like smiling a lot this week, so today am taking you back to Wellington for my next bat instalment.

On Sunday after packing up camp, getting rained on again, and jump starting our friend’s car cos they left the damn lights on all night, we were off on a tour of the Cathedral Cave.

Some of the pics are shit a bit grainy. I do apologise.


Hubby walking down the stairs from the entrance into the first chamber. Not much there. It’s damp.There are apparently 150 stairs leading down to the different cave chambers.


This is the largest stalagmite in the world apparently though some websites say in the southern hemisphere. Either way it’s pretty bloody big at 15m’s tall. Though having reached the ceiling it is apparently now technically a column. The red stain you can see running down near the left hand side is rust. There was a rusted shed on the hillside above and when it rained the rust leeched down into the soil and that was the end result. The really white looking bits are new growth.

Fossilised giant jellyfish in the ceiling. Need I say more? I think not.

From here we went down some more stairs to another chamber with again not much in it. But our guide did get us to jump on the floor and see where the echo was coming from. Turns out there was another chamber underneath us. So down some more freakin stairs again to the next chamber, then up a little into the thunder chamber OOoooOOooo.


TJ climbing the stairs up into the Thunder Chamber. We jumped on the floor in there and it just echoed all around us. I couldn’t get even a half decent pic in there but a geologist had cleaned off part of the stalegmite in there to show what it was meant to look like without damage from people touching it. HUGE difference. You wouldn’t think that the oils in your skin could do so much damage.


Just down and around the corner from the entrance to the thunder chamber was a cavity that was very interesting.


We got a really close up look at a stalactite.


And if we looked down we could see down into the water table. See where it had risen and fallen.


In the same chamber were these cavities in the floor like little pools. Apparently they were where the wee from the now extinct, giant carnivorous bats had pooled on the floor – a subject of intense interest to small boys like TJ. (yes first bat poo, now bat wee! small boy heaven)

Once everyone had looked at the water table and the Thunder Chamber the damn guide turned off the lights. It was pitch freakin’ black. No light from anywhere. No breeze or air movement. Completely disorientating.

Then we started making out way back up and out.


This is referred to as “Headache Rock”. They have lines on the floor for you to not stand up till you have gotten past so you don’t think you are under, stand up too soon and knock yourself out.


Still climbing.

Did I mention the 150 billion stairs?


The cave is called the Cathedral Cave as a local minister used to hold services down there sometimes. He would climb the stalegmite and use the growth you can see on the left as a pulpit. You can’t see it in this pic, but there is even a bible sitting up there .

Eventually though we made it all the way back up and out and…………..


back down the hill again. (That’s me and CJ in front)



1. lightening - March 29, 2008

It looks rather impressive. But I have to admit that I am rather a chicken when it comes to caves. Not a big fan of being in confined spaces, especially dark ones. Last time I went in a cave was on our honeymoon and that was only because we were with a tour group and I didn’t want to be the only chicken. šŸ™‚

2. Tiffany - March 29, 2008

That looks fabulous. I love the caves. I can’t wait until Ivy and Noah are old enough so we can all do Jenolan. THe last time we went Imogen and Madeline were five.

3. Bettina - March 29, 2008

It was really good Tiff. We came home and immediately researched Jenolan which is only about 2 hours or so the other side of us. . I gotta say though, that since my op I have no fitness and no stamina. The 150 stairs at Wellington did me in. The least amount of stairs at Jenolan is nearly 400., so that trip will need to wait till I have regained some physical fitness methinks.

4. Casdok - March 29, 2008

Wonderful photos. Sorry you havent felt like smiling. Hoe you smile soon! šŸ™‚

5. widdleshamrock - March 29, 2008

I am a bit claustrophobic too.

But that looks fantastic.

Almost didn’t recognise your hubbie, what with him not in his pink shirt or bending over.

TEE HEE !!!!!!

You look really young in the photo with CJ too !!!

6. dancingwithfrogs - March 30, 2008

Thanks for posting this. A couple of years ago I took the boys to Buchan (yeah… those Buchan caves!) and the photos brought it all back. I wasn’t blogging then so I didn’t take my camera.

7. Bettina - March 30, 2008

Thanks Casdok.

lol Nikki! You’ve just earnt another headshake from hubby for that lmao. 35 can look young can’t it? šŸ˜›

I had to google that Frogdancer! I hadn’t heard of Buchan caves. They look interesting too.

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