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How on earth does this happen to me? March 27, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Community, My Brigade, Our Home, Random Thoughts.

 Damn my practical-nature-ness!

Damn my having-a-clue-ness!

I ask the guy who I thought was coordinating the RFS school cadet programme what’s going on and next thing I know I’m organising meetings for him and helping put together programmes.

I go to a community safety meeting and next thing I know I’m meant to be organising the team activities and getting people to a course next month after having completed numerous workbooks.

I volunteer to help at a P & F fundraiser and next thing I know I’m helping organise the damn thing.


I just should sit on my hands and keep my mouth shut!



I’m helping pick up a fire truck, finishing a work book, passing on course acceptances and apologies, distributing workbooks, dropping off raffle prizes,  chasing up chairs and a BBQ and an urn, starting to put together a programme outline for cadets, and chasing helpers on top of what I was already doing tomorrow  with cleaning, fixing mum’s pc – again, and getting hubby organised for a weekend away at a 4WD course.

Fun, fun.



1. Cathy - March 27, 2008

i recognise you…you’re the person who just can’t say No! 🙂

2. Meg - March 27, 2008

“I just should sit on my hands and keep my mouth shut!” That’s worked so well for me (as far as these type of activities go)! Next time you’ll know eh?!

3. Casdok - March 28, 2008

That happends to me as well!

4. widdleshamrock - March 28, 2008

I am so sure we are twins !!!!

You are the little hen who can.

And once people realise you are willing, they will keep asking.

5. Anja - March 28, 2008

How does this happen?

Because no other bugger could organise a good time in a sandpit (I cleaned it up in case the tiddly winks read your blog)

You have a reputation for being able to handle anything and everything. And the buggers know it.

6. Marita - March 28, 2008

This happens to me often and I’m slowly learning to say no.

7. Jayne - March 28, 2008

Geeze what part of “take it easy” didn’t you understand? LOL
Say it after me …nooooooooooooo.
Be selfish and claim your time back for you 😉

8. magneto bold too - March 28, 2008

*snigger* when you find the secret on how to not get roped into everything let me know babe…

This locking myself in the house and not answering the phone thing doesn’t seem to be working.

9. Bettina - March 28, 2008

yeah, I know, I’m an idiot.

Repeats to self “do not even imply interest in anything and do not act competent”.

10. scrappydo - March 28, 2008

Bummer!! Actually – maybe you didn’t do ANYthing!….maybe everyone else took a step back when they asked volunteers to come forward. Such a pain that so few do so much.

11. Tracey - March 28, 2008

No wonder you haven’t been feeling well sweetie: you’re stuffed from doing everything for everyone!

12. Bettina - March 28, 2008

I think you are right Scrappydo.

I also think that the P & F shouldn’t take jobs that they aren’t sure they can handle with ease.

Thanks Tracey. I think I need to stick to organising, but delegate all the actual doing in future! I don’t mind the organsing.

13. jeanie - March 28, 2008

Oh I know that song! Definitely the new refrain should be “no” – tell me when you have learned it and how.

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