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Smiley Saturday! March 22, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Blogging stuff, Family, Friends, Funny Stuff, Holidays.


Yes, it’s that time of the week. Smiley Saturday time!

I guess the biggest thing that’s making me smile this week is being away on our mini holiday. OK, ok. So it’s just a long weekend. Still it’s away. Away from the regular routine, away from the psycho family asshats obligation *shudder*  and into the great outdoors.

The comment lurv fest that is apparently happening on my blog comments and email inbox during my absence is another  reason to smile.  The love and playful silliness of friends is always welcome here 😉

Finally having a resolution to a vexing problem in one of my community involvements is also a reason to piss myself laughing smile. A stirrer who had been flirting with the line just enough to keep everyone agitated while avoiding being kicked out finally (and quite inadvertently) outsmarted themselves the other night. Always feels good to see a fucktard idiot get their comeuppance!

And lastly it is Easter. A time of reflection on the gift of eternal life that my Lord gave to me through his death and resurrection.

Have a great weekend all and for more Smiley Saturday moments head on over to Lightening’s Online.


1. Jayne - March 22, 2008

Hope you’re having a good one and you don’t over do the chocolate baked bean camp fire ritual 😛

2. Anja - March 22, 2008

I hope that tent pole is staying erect. *looks innocent*

You deserve a great weekend away.

Here’s hoping the weather is being good to you.

It’s shite in Sydney.

3. widdleshamrock - March 22, 2008

Weather isn’t that great here either.

Have been thinking about you.

I guess if it is too cold, it just means you get to snuggle more.

I think people have been put off from the lurve fest a widdle my love. 😦

But you know we wuvs you long time in a non bunny boing boing way.

4. Jayne - March 22, 2008

Weather’s warm-ish here but the ground’s so hard you can only get a decent night’s sleep on a bed of nails 😛

5. widdleshamrock - March 22, 2008

Some like a firm bed though Jayne.

6. widdleshamrock - March 22, 2008

We bought about 4 beds for Teen Shamrock before she found a bed that gave her a good night’s sleep.

She needs a firm bed and perhaps a bed of nails would be right up her alley.

7. Casdok - March 22, 2008

Getting away for a few days can make such a difference.
Happy Easter!

8. Bettina - March 23, 2008

Jayne! Bite your tongue! I don’t “do” the baked bean thing, campfire or no!

Thanks Casdok, it was great.

The weather was ok my pretties. We got a bit wet putting the tents up, but were prepared with lots of warm clothes and tarps to keep out the damp. Also tried to rain on us this morning as we were breaking camp, but we were packed and out of there while it was still only sprinkling.

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