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“Try these on” March 21, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in CJ, Family, Funny Stuff, Hubby, TJ.
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says I, handing TJ a pair of trackpants that haven’t been worn since last winter. He grows so quickly that even though I buy him a size or two bigger at the end of the season, it is no guarantee that it will fit him the following one.

“What are you going to your room for? Just slip the bloody things on will ya!”

The pink love slave laughs.

Then I remember.

“Aren’t you wearing undies again?”

A sheepish shake of the head follows. I flash back in my memory to earlier this year when out of town school clothes shopping  when he ‘forgot’  to wear his undies.


“Nothing wrong with freeballing.” says hubby who is only ever briefless for as long as it takes to have his wicked way with me.  He doesn’t like his bits and pieces to be free and dangly.

“What’s freeballing?” asks CJ the curious juror.

“Now you’ve done it!” I grumble at  the hysterically laughing man pet.

“When boys don’t wear undies.” says I, deciding that a blunt answer may deter further questioning as I am still reeling from being asked what porn is a few nights ago.

“EWWWWW” was the predictable response from said not quite teen girl spawn.

And that was that.

One pair of trackies fitted and one pair didn’t.

But I think I’ll have to buy him some boxers.



1. planningqueen - March 22, 2008

One of my boys somehow “forgets” underwear too. He also happens to love the term “freeballing”.

2. Casdok - March 22, 2008

My son would prefer to wear no clothes at all!!

3. Anja - March 22, 2008

Don’t let TJ get near the AC/DC song “Big Balls”

You will never get him in underwear again.

4. Jayne - March 22, 2008

LMAO mine hasn’t discovered that yet!

5. widdleshamrock - March 22, 2008

Celtic Lad has just made the move from undies to boxers.

I have those who prefer to go commando or nude full stop. ( I won’t mention names)

6. scrappydo - March 22, 2008

Mine chuck their clothes off when they are getting ready for the bath or shower ………then Mr 4 tears around the house saying “I’m naked, I’m naked, I’m naaaaaaaaked!”

7. Anja - March 22, 2008

Widdleshamrock, does he whose name can’t be mentioned run around the house saying “I’m naked, I’m naked, I’m naaaaaaaaaaaaked!”


8. widdleshamrock - March 22, 2008

I am SO NOT Telling you what he who shall not be mentioned does. (Only when the kids are in bed of course)

Scrappy, I trust Mr Scrappy doesn’t runn around the house saying “I’m naked, I’m naked, I’m Nnnaaaaaakked.”” ?? Or does he?

9. Anja - March 22, 2008

Um… doesn’t it chilly over that side of the ditch?

These guys must not be ‘shrinkage’ phobic.

10. widdleshamrock - March 22, 2008

Or maybe there is so much, a little shrinkage won’t matter 😉

11. scrappydo - March 23, 2008

Ahhhh – no, Not Mr Scrappy. Believe me, if he so much as thought about it i would be the loon screaming downhill at 140/hr!! 😆

As for being chilly – well, i guess if you gotta flaunt it, chilly doesn’t matter. Much. Sometimes. Maybe.

12. Bettina - March 23, 2008


I figure I need him wearing undies of some description before he starts going out with girls………. got to give them some extra barriers to get past! *shudder*

13. Erin! - March 31, 2008

LOLOL Bettina,

The spawn male in my home will not part with his undies, to the point that after a week of wearing the same pair 24/7 we have to almost cut the skanky things off of him whilst he sleeps. We are working on the concept that if he really MUST sleep in them, could he at least take the pair off after school and put a clean pair on for the night.

The adult male, well, he doesnt run around naked, but lol, after kids are asleep or when kids not here, he will happily walk around naked and do a little dance to show me how well it swings and yes no shrinkage detectable here unless he happens to show me the swinging whilst i am near cold water. That results in shrinkage, shrieking and a view of a fast running posterior.

Said adult male also likes freeballing and prefers boxer shorts and occasionally forgets to put boxers or undies on. Rather noticeable one day when he was walking around in one of his gardening shorts (the ones that are no longer suitable to even wear as a tradesperson) and they had a rather large rip in the seam at the back. I noticed this whilst we were at bunnings and almost wet myself laughing. needless to say we left bunnings rather quickly that day instead of an extra hour checking out all the plants, seeds etc etc.

hehe, the other problem is the female spawn, she doesnt like underwear and on a number of occasions has flashed the public, like the day at dance class, straight from school, laid down on her back and did the splits upside down in her skorts. Mother not knowing spawn had removed underwear before going to school, poor teachers and entire class and waiting mothers got a full view.

We are trying to convince her to put leggings or pyjama shorts on with her nighty, because she will come flying down the hallway and leap at adult male or male spawn and well, they are somewhat embarrassed to have naked 6 yr old girl bits land on them. I have taken to telling her that only skanky girls let boys see their bumma (her word for the bits since she was a baby). She doesnt like the word skanky, so gets upset and rushes to her room and puts undies on or trackies on.

As for the extra barriers, dont think I will have to worry bout the male spawn, but the female one will be getting an iron truss thingy with padlocks and I will have the only keys!!

14. Erin! - March 31, 2008

LOL Bettina, you are a bad influence, i am now calling them spawn even in my head! Darling spawn they are today, home from school because i couldnt stand vertical until near 1pm and considering lying down again now. Darling male spawn went across the road to borrow some sugar and then made me coffee. Best trick I ever taught that child lolol.

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