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Smiley Saturday March 15, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Birthdays, Family, Kids, Parenting.


Time for Smiley Saturday again, the brainchild of Lightening (who I am sure is called Lightening because she causes flashes of smiliness where ever she goes).

I guess one of the big things that made me smile this week was my birthday. I guess it’s because I’m the chief fussmaker over special occasions that when it comes to my own occasions I either have to do it myself or miss out. It is not unusual for me to have to buy my own presents and cake.

I started telling my pink-shirt-wearing-love-slave hubby a week ago that I expected “flowers, chocolates, cake, pressies & a nice tea” for my birthday. He laughed it off and replied with “and where will I get the time to organise all that”. Was stopped right in his tracks when I reminded him that he was home on Tuesday. lol  But he did make the effort and I had a lovely day.

Both kids this week have gone up a level on the school behaviour management plan. This means that they have received commendations from their teachers for various things like completing homework, completing school work, being helpful in class, having a good attitude to others etc. They both get a certificate at assembly and a special privilege at school for going up a level. Hubby and I are both very proud of them

Not a lot else to report. I’ve had a REALLY quiet week this past week to make up for the mad, busy one I had last week.

Looking forward to popping around to read your Smiley Saturday next.



1. picklebums - March 15, 2008

Oh glad to hear you had a happy birthday!!! 🙂

2. magneto bold too - March 15, 2008

My birthday is usually the same. I guess we make such a fuss about others cause we want people to do the same for us???

But we both had awesome bloggy birthdays didn’t we! All the love of the internets!

Oh and fantastic news re the kids.

3. Jayne - March 15, 2008

Great news for the kids, well done!

4. Trish - March 15, 2008

I am so envious of your birthday – you scored well !
I think the way the kids did so well and you are so rightly proud is one of the best reasons to smile.

My SS is up
My Little Drummer boys

5. Casdok - March 15, 2008

A birthday is certainly something to smile about!

6. Bettina - March 15, 2008

Kate – thanks. 🙂

Kelley – i like to make a fuss of others so they feel good, but it is nice to have a fuss made over us too. I’m happy with any little old thing, as long as it shows that there was some though. I felt very spoilt this year. lol

Our internets are awesome, gorgeous goddesses to fuss over us like that aye?

Jayne, it helps to know we are on the right track to see our kids achieving, well I think so.

Trish, yes I did score well – makes up for a few absolutel fizzers lol 🙂 But you scored well yesterday getting your house cleaned by your other half.

Casdok – yes it is. 🙂

7. frogpondsrock - March 15, 2008

I am glad that you had a good week.. I have an award for you …

cheers kim …

8. planningqueen - March 16, 2008

Sounds like you had a great birthday. I too usually have to make my own birthday cake and last year, I decided not to and then ended up without one!

9. widdleshamrock - March 16, 2008

Glad you had a good birthday.

Wonderful news about the kids too !!! Do you know where they learnt to be so well behaved ???


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