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TJ’s Excursion March 14, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Family, Kids, school, TJ.

TJ’s commentary on his photo’s.


This is the roof of one of the caves. And the things (stalectites) grow down from the roof. 100 years ago there were goldminers there and they were destorying the cave, but they got kicked out. Before that a gang of bushrangers came to the caves and the soldiers found them and 3 got killed and 10 got caught.


This is where people went up and talked from behind it (like a podium). The miners made a dancefloor in the cave. We saw some bats in the second cave.


This is where all the lights and stuff were and a bridge. We got dripped on and there were crystals and things in there too. (This one would have been a great pic had it turned out)


This is where one of the caves is, but from the outside.


This is where the bush rangers were and we saw 4 or 5 green lizards.

So there you have it. A days travels according to a not quite 9 year old. Half the photo’s he took were of the souvenirs the kids bought at the shop before they left! lol



1. widdleshamrock - March 14, 2008

Wow, these are good photos TJ.

I particularly like the outside shots.

2. Bettina - March 14, 2008

LOL! He beamed from ear to ear at your comment, then went all shy

3. Casdok - March 14, 2008

Brillient photos! Looks like a fasinating day! 🙂

4. Trish - March 14, 2008

great photos TJ took. I am sure I have been there many years ago – …I wish I had a digital camera then.
Kids always love the souvenirs – my son had drawers full.

My Little Drummer boys

5. Bettina - March 14, 2008

Thanks Casdok and Trish.

He was quite pleased with them, a little disapointed that some of them were so blurry, but pleased all the same. I’m going to make some time to spend with him practising using the camera for next time. I think we will actually get him a cheap one for his b/day in may.

He bought himself a big black rubber bat as a souvenir. It’s pretty cool

6. John - March 15, 2008

Just curious where the caves are (might have missed the reference in an earlier post). I’m always curious when I see a blog from somewhere well away from where I love to laern a little about the country.
Also curious to know what the intrepid explorer thought of the bats (I was involved with a local bat group for a while and am quite pro-bat): like “hamsters with hang gliders”, a friend once said (well, the Brit ones are, anyway).

7. scrappydo - March 15, 2008

Looks like it was a fun excursion…. those underground places are pretty magical

8. Bettina - March 15, 2008

Abercrombie Caves John. And TJ LOVED the bats. He bought a great big huge rubber one to bring home as a souvenir.

He had a ball Scrappydo. I’m trying to con hubby into taking a long weekend so we can all go camping there and spend a few days exploring.

9. Jayne - March 15, 2008

They are great pics, TJ ! You only need a little practice, you’ve got a good eye 😉

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