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7 Weird Things Meme March 12, 2008

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Guera tagged me for this meme.  I have to list 7 weird things about me and then tag 7 more people to do the same. I’m am plenty weird, but don’t want to scare anyone so shall stick to the more mundane …………

1 – I like the flavour of onions, but won’t actually eat onions. I use onion powder for flavour in a lot of my recipes or even sprinkled straight over the top of meat as I’m cooking, but can’t stand to eat diced or sliced onion. I dunno if it’s a textural thing or what it is.

2 – I like tomato sauce, but not tomatoes, tomato paste or any tomato based pasta……….. but apparently I make nice spag bol. I wouldn’t know. I’ve never taste-tested it. The last time I ate spag bol, I was 10 and threw up a few hours later. I have never tried it again.

3 – I also don’t eat beetroot. My local takeaway shop makes burgers for me with no tomato, beetroot or onion so that I don’t have to pick all the stuff off that I don’t eat. It is the only place that I will buy a hamburger from……. ‘cos they know me and don’t look at me like I have two heads when I order.

4 – I have nerve damage in my feet caused by pernicious anaemia. I don’t like them to be touched – even gentle touch can be painful – and am frequently clumsy as my balance is slightly off (which is why I rarely wear heels). I break one or two toes a year because of it.

If I bang my foot on something it can take up to a day for the nerve sensations to settle enough for me to know if  I’m actually hurt or not. At it’s worst, I used to have to slather my feet in deep heat and strap them tightly to numb the nerves so I could sleep and was on medications commonly used for epilepsy. That was fun! 😉

5 –  I am not a caffeine junky. I don’t drink tea or coffee. I can’t stand sugar in my occasional  Milo and I only drink Coke Cola in two situations – When I am travelling and need a sugar boost, or when I’m drinking and it’s mixed with bourbon.  I don’t eat coffee cake either. Yuk!

6 – My toenails are always bright blue. I feel naked if they are bare or any other colour.

7 – I’m not entirely sure what my natural hair colour is. I think it is a medium to dark brown.  It hasn’t been seen since I discovered hair dye at age 15. My colour of choice lately is red, though over the years, I have been blonde, brown, auburn and black…….. but never purple. I have nothing against purple…….. just not in my hair.

I tag

Widdle Shamrock






and anyone else who would like to do it. It’s a bit hard to come up with 7 people to tag when you frequent a lot of the same places.

My apologies to any who have already done this.



1. Guera - March 12, 2008

Yay. Tomato Haters Unite!!! I hate it on burgers an sandwiches too – and beetroot – why would anyone eat that.

Very quick, BTW – took me months to get around to it!

2. Naomi - March 12, 2008

Has your hair ever been blue to match your toes? 🙂 I love colouring my hair – atm though, it’s its *gasp* natural colour! It’s usually more likely to be purple, though.

3. Bettina - March 12, 2008

Yes Guera!! we should start a club!

lol Naomi! It has been blue black – does that count?

4. Trish - March 12, 2008

It must be hard with your feet thing – not so much as weird.
I have never dyed my hair … thanks you gave me one weird thing!

5. widdleshamrock - March 12, 2008

WOO HOO, off to do……

6. Bettina - March 12, 2008

lol Trish. The feet thing is more weird than hard now. It has settled a lot now and I have more “normal” sensations that “abnormal”, but I still hate people touching my feet, especially if they are hot. Looking back at the worst of it now it was pretty weird though.

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8. Jayne - March 13, 2008

Yay someone as “normal” as me LOL 😛

9. Bettina - March 13, 2008

lol Jayne!

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