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Festival March 9, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Community, Family, My Brigade.

As part of an annual festival hosted in our town, our brigade was involved in a parade down the main street.

We dressed all our juniors and members kids up in old overalls, gave two of them the brigade banner to hold, the rest of them small equipment off the truck, lined them up in front of the vehicles and off we went. Hubby and the captain walked with the kids, while the rest of us hopped in the vehicles.

Getting ready –

During the parade. The four bigger kids at the back are our junior members. The smaller kids in front are member’s kids. Hubby is on the left in his yellows, the captain on the right in his blues –


The kids had a ball waving to everyone while getting clapped and/or cheered at.



1. Anja - March 9, 2008

Is that Captain Cranky? I wouldn’t mess with him. He looks like he could overturn a Mack truck.

How cool that hubby made it back in time.

2. widdleshamrock - March 9, 2008

Looks and sounds like a wonderful day !!!

Captain Cranky — was Ass istant there also??

Glad to see hubby wears other colours too, lol.

3. Bettina - March 9, 2008

no thats not Captain Cranky – thats Deputy Duffer! And yes, he could run over a mack truck.

Ass istant was there, but not with the brigade and was in fact doing his damndest to avoid us as a group.

4. Casdok - March 9, 2008

How wonderful!

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