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Smiley Saturday March 8, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Funny Stuff, Smiley Saturday.


I have had a shit of a week but I’ve also really laughed this week.

* When we decided to offer our family stories to the writers of The Bold And The Beautiful……… the on going saga of the skank whore in law seems like just the right kind of twisting plot they would use, especially now that we’ve found out she’s pregnant. God only knows who the father is. I just hope it’s not J, the smacko whacko. It could be a bit confusing for the kids being both half siblings and first cousins!

*  When my kids questioned me about whether or not I had rested as per their instructions

*  When a certain internet vampire requested her name be removed from a comment I had made elsewhere in the interests of security. As if blogging about the name of their town, the type of home they have and area they live in, what kind of private school their kids go to  and the fact that they will be out of their house next Thursday night are safer types of information than a mere first name to publish on the internet.

Life is damn interesting at times that’s for sure!

And thank you very much to Tracey from Why Bother? for my new bling! dailydose2.jpg

There are a few people that I always read for my daily dose of the bloggy world. This must go to Lightening and Kelley both of whom I consider esssential reading as well as awesome ladies.  *hugs*

Also the always fabulous Anja awarded me this piece of pink prettyness


I have to give this to Lightening too. Cos it’s pink and Lightening loves her some pink bling! I also have to pass this on to Gemisht who isn’t sure if I’m just plain ol’ norti or scary but who I adore anyway! lmao.

To join in and smile your day away with Smiley Saturday Stories from all over the blogosphere pop over to Lightenings Online.



1. Gemisht - March 8, 2008

Good smiley week this week. And if the B&B writers don’t like the story you could try the Young and the Restless writers – I’m assuming they’re (J & SWIL) young and they sure sound restless so should fit right in.

And even though I’m undecided I adore you too and thanks for the Bling. Probably cause you are both that I do adore you :), and the fact that you make me laugh, so far without a mouthful of coffee so the laptop is fine. For now.

Note to self: Learn from others and NEVER read blogs at the same time as drinking any beverage.

2. Gemisht - March 8, 2008

Oh and I meant to say, you love me for my blonde moments too huh????????

3. lightening - March 8, 2008

Thanks for the hugs. You made me a bit teary babe. But good teary if you know what I mean. Thank you. 🙂

4. Jayne - March 8, 2008

Holy heck, your skank in law is getting as confusing as Days of our drearies.

5. Anja - March 8, 2008

The skank in law leaves me speechless.

Fantastic Smiley Saturday! 🙂

6. Ian - March 8, 2008

I read your skank whore post the other day. I have obviously led a sheltered life with my family … although my wife’s family has its fair share of dramas.

Anyways, if SWIL and J do breed, they can always move to Tasmania, where the kids will have company in the confusing intra-family relationships dept. (ha,ha, my wife is from Tasmania, so I like to get the stereotypes out regularly).

7. magneto bold too - March 8, 2008

Thanks babe!

8. scrappydo - March 8, 2008

Ahhhh – but where would we be without the dramas the likes of SWIL and J in real life…. I reckon someone will indeed include this in the next captivating storyline of one of our favourite daytime *dramas* LOL

9. Trish - March 9, 2008

we have some interesting family too – love the title.
Sounds like you had a busy smiley week .
Beautiful ♥ bling you got !

My SS is up
My Little Drummer boys

10. Casdok - March 9, 2008

Congrats on the awards and thanks for the SS!

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