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From the mouths of babes…………… March 7, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Funny Stuff, Housekeeping, Kids, Parenting.

quite often come our own words back to haunt us!

Last night we were at the station. Again.

It was the fourth night this week that I’ve been there. Monday was training where I showed the kids how to operate the pump. Tuesday we filled planes till dark, Wednesday I was at a trainers workshop to prepare for the coming training season. Last night was sorting out flyers in preparation for a display we are putting on at a local carnival this weekend.

As we are driving home the little voices pipe up from the back seat telling me that I’d better rest tomorrow. I, not quite catching the whole sentence, ask for a repeat and hear “You’d better have a rest day tomorrow Mum. You know, ‘cos you have to balance out and not do too much in a week or you’ll be too tired.”.


Not over tiring myself.


They got me alright.

My words coming right back at me…………….


I still have things to pick up, people to organise, paperwork to do and a house that is driving me nuts with it’s state of disarray.



I hate it when the kids call me on my crap!

I guess I’d better rest today.



1. Anja - March 7, 2008

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, yes, the little darlings were right.

And because the little darlings were right; they should take their rightful place as mummy’s slaves. Can’t have mummy overdoing things.

That’ll learn ’em.

2. Naomi - March 7, 2008


Maybe you should just do what you’re told 😛

3. Bettina - March 7, 2008

Anja. I like the way you think!! lmao

lol Naomi – doing what I’m told never has been one of my strong points – just ask my hubby!

4. Naomi - March 7, 2008


DON’T ask my hubby how well I do what I’m told. It may turn into an hour lecture on just how stubborn I am… and the amusement he obtains from it!

5. Bettina - March 7, 2008

oh, so your hubby laughs at you too huh?

* sits quietly and works on adjusting her halo*

6. Naomi - March 7, 2008

Occasionally he doesn’t. But that’s usually just because he’s telling someone a story about me. Like the time I sexually harassed a coworker, or my relationship with our TV, or the last time a door-to-door salesman came to the door.

I figure I’m doing good work, bringing more laughter into the world…

… even if it is at my expense 😀

7. Gemisht - March 7, 2008

I’ll agree with Anja. Tell them its a fantastic idea, that you agree with them 100% then tell them they will have to do everything that ou normally do while you are resting.

With any luck they will be so surprised that you agree with them 100% that they might just agree to do everything without realising what they actually said 🙂 Here’s hoping anyway

8. widdleshamrock - March 7, 2008

So …. did you ???

And yes, child slaves sounds good to me. 😉

9. Marita - March 7, 2008

Hope you got a good rest.

10. Bettina - March 7, 2008

lol Naomi. Yes, bringing laughter into the world is a good thing 😉

I got an inquisition from the child slaves when I picked them up from school this afternoon –

“did you have a nap today mummy?”
“no but I had a quiet morning and didn’t go out till 2 o’clock” says I.
“well thats alright then”

Hard to tell is she’s 11 or 41 some days!!

They are busy helping me cook tea now and are bringing washing for me.

11. magneto bold too - March 7, 2008

Wow. I need me some of that. Mine are all ‘why haven’t you….’ and I so don’t fucking need that right now!

12. Casdok - March 7, 2008


13. planningqueen - March 7, 2008

So sweet that she cares!

14. Bettina - March 8, 2008

I typed a response yesterday and it vanished!

hugs Kelley But you can’t have my child slaves, I may let you borrow my whip though.

15. Meg - March 8, 2008

LOL – sounds more a case of “do as I say, not as I do”. Sweet that they’re showing such concern.

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