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Caught!! February 28, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Funny Stuff, Our Home.

Finally, the cat had caught the damn mouse!

This is Coal, my little huntress.


She must have decided that a mere mouse wasn’t beneath a rabbit catching cat at all 😉 lol



1. Jayne - February 28, 2008

She probably wanted a lil plaything to amuse her during her rest from catching wabbits 😉

2. widdleshamrock - February 28, 2008

Good pussy.

**looks at Anja**

3. magneto bold too - February 28, 2008

so did you get into blog trouble Widdleshamrock for saying pussy? Or is the Pope only residing at my blog.

Ewwy at the picture Bettina! That cat is looking at me like ‘You are next and then I am going to piss in your shoes’

4. Bettina - February 28, 2008

She doesn’t piss in shoes………. thats the grey bitch pussy but she may hunt you……..

5. Bettina - February 28, 2008

Oh and I could have teken a pic after she started chomping it down

6. Anja - February 28, 2008

Clever pussy!

Nothing like some fine black pussy!

That pic is awesome. I love her *hugs*

I loves me some vermin hunting pussy.

7. widdleshamrock - February 28, 2008

No, I don’t get told off for saying pussy.

Reminds me of a wee story: I run a musical play group for 0-5 yr olds.

One of the ladies who helped (over 65) offered a song for me to teach the kids

I can’t remember the exact words, but the first line she said was

“Have you seen my pussy?” I almost passed out from holding in my laughing.

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9. Casdok - February 28, 2008

Well done Coal!!

10. Anja - February 28, 2008

Have you seen my… bahahahaha

Time to call the Bunny.

Bahahahaha…. *sniggers*

11. Bettina - February 28, 2008

are you going to sing the “have you seen my pussy ” song to him? lmfao

12. Trish - February 28, 2008

Beautiful cat and clever girl
I would ♥ a cat I hate mice !
heehee at that song …

My Little Drummer boys

13. Anja - February 29, 2008


Bad girl. 😉

14. Bettina - February 29, 2008

You love me when I’m bad. 😛

15. Tiffany - February 29, 2008

You girls are sick and sad…but funny, very funny.

16. anonymum - March 1, 2008

the pussy always wins out in the end doesn’t it??

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