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Road Kill? February 26, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Family, Funny Stuff, In Laws, Ramblings, Relationships.

Last week I had reason to go and visit my  mother. She is after all my mother and we have a friendly (even if it’s not close) relationship.

As I’m pulling into the driveway, my nephew is intently looking at something on the ground. “Whatchya got?” says I.  “A lady beetle.” says he, before whispering to me in a very worried voice that “mummy is here”. “No problem” I tells him before continuing up the driveway to pull up behind my mother’s car.

Next thing I know the stupid skank whore steps out from the verandah directly in front of me! I had to hit the anchors to stop from hitting her. She stops and stands there. She looks at me. She giggled. Yup, giggled like a 15 year old school girl waiting for her boyfriend to try to feel her up.

Stupid bint.

She goes home and the next time she’s talking to my brother tells him that I tried to run her over!

I was going a whole………. maybe 5kms/hr.

But I tried to run her over.

Does her stupidity and paranoia know no bounds?

She’s definitely competition for Anja’s reality challenged friend SFB!


Oh well.

Only one more month till she’s officially my ex skank-whore in law!  But I wonder…………… does a skank with tyre marks really count as road kill or just add more credo to that ”well used” look?



1. Anja - February 27, 2008

The stupid skank wouldn’t know the difference if she ended up flat out in the driveway. I assume she’s used to being flat on her back. 😉

OMG, never let her near SFB. The combined stupidity would suck the energy out of a whole town.

2. Jayne - February 27, 2008

The tyre marks are well over-due and would only add to her bargain basement discount price in the red light district 😛

3. scrappydo - February 27, 2008

Somehow, I think it could add to her “well-worn” appeal – but I bet you’s have fun doing it!! 😆

4. widdleshamrock - February 28, 2008

Yeah, consider her a ‘speed bump’ the faster you hit her, the better.

5. anonymum - March 1, 2008

the question you have to ask is this: is she worth putting a dent in your car for? having said that, if you have good insurance it may be worth the excess

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