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What to do? February 24, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Friends, Ramblings, Random Thoughts.

The 16 year old daughter of two of our friends was beaten up on Friday night. She and a friend were sitting out the front of the friend’s house waiting for some other friends to arrive late at night when a group of passing girls called out to her asking if they had her name right. When she replied that they did, they proceeded to accuse her of hanging shit on some of their friends.

She had no idea who these girls were let alone who or what they were talking about and told them so, she then tried to go inside the house. Three of the girls grabbed her from behind and hit her around the head till she dropped to the ground at which point they started kicking her. The other three girls held her friend to stop her from being able to interfere or get help.

The last thing she remembers is one of the girls telling another girl to stop. The next thing she knew the police were trying to talk to her.

She had a badly bleeding nose, cut lip, cuts on her face, swelling to the left hand side of her face, lumps on her head, and bruising over her back. The poor kid is now too scared to stay in her own house on her own while her mum goes to Woollies, two blocks away, to get milk and bread.

She doesn’t know the girls, but can identify them. The problem is if she presses charges, the girls will go out of their way to try to cause trouble for her or make life unpleasant. If, on the other hand she doesn’t press charges, they’ll think she’s an easy target and who knows what will happen then.

The thing that pisses me off most about it is this – it doesn’t help that if she does press charges, the girls involved will just get a slap over the wrist and probably be laughing about getting away with beating the crap out of a girl they don’t even know as they leave the courthouse.

I wish the courts would do their job and actually make people responsible for their actions instead of merely inconvenienced. Sentences should be a deterrent not a joke.



1. Casdok - February 24, 2008

I am so sorry to hear about this. Just awful.
Something needs to be done as behaviour like this cannot be allowed to carry on. The courts do need to get their act together.
Will you let us know what happends? I hope she will be ok.

2. picklebums - February 24, 2008

oh man that is so scary!
Makes me glad we live a long way from anywhere – no ‘passing’ traffic on our street. But if someone can be attacked in the front yard of a home then it makes you think that no where is actually safe!

3. Jayne - February 24, 2008

That is disgusting!
This exact thing is all over the media in Vic atm – the fact the courts just give offenders a slap on the wrist for major criminal acts. A judge let a little fucktard bastard mongrel off after bashing an elderly grandmother in her own bed last week in Vic because – wait for it – he was “too skinny to cope with the main prison population”.
These wankers in wigs need to pull their heads out of their backsides to see reality for a change.
Hope your friends’ daughter gets some counselling and does press charges- if the girls get off she could pursue it through the civil court and hit their hip pockets.

4. widdleshamrock - February 25, 2008

Bloody awful !!!

Here, everyone is a victim, especially the perp !!!

I am all for rehabilitation of a person, getting them edumacated if need be, but what about reparation???

Sick sick sick.

Poor kid.

5. Riayn - February 25, 2008

That is just so awful! If there are any victims of crime groups in your area your friends’ daughter needs to join. She needs to talk to a professional to get her life back together again.
I also think that she needs to press charges. Regardless of the punishment, those girls will have a criminal record which will screw up their life, at least til they turn 18. However, if they continue on their way (and they probably will), the next time they do something, the courts will come down on them hard.

6. Anja - February 25, 2008

Sad, very bloody sad.

OMG, that one that Jayne mentioned, about the kid being to skinny, um… WTF?

These little bastards *know* the system. They *know* how to pull the ‘poor’ or ‘disadvantaged’ drawcard, and then they go on to commit this crap time and time again.

There will be no justice for this poor kid who was beaten for no damn reason. Her physical wounds will heal, but the psychological will take a long time, if ever, to heal.

Feeling unsafe in your own town, neighbourhood or home… that’s bloody sad.

7. buffy - February 25, 2008

This story is unfortunately a familiar one. What’s wrong with young people today? They feel the need to take their anger and frustrations out beating up on others…if its not with physical violence its with words

…bullying of any kind needs to be dealt with severely and the law and courts need to do something now before it too late.

8. scrappydo - February 25, 2008

Bloddy hell!! What kind of world do we live in hey? Poor kid – I really hope she gets the support she needs to heal.

it really is so sick that the rights of the idiot committing the crime are given priority over those of their innocent victims. As for being too skinny for jail…..WTF??!! 😯

9. Bettina - February 25, 2008

Thankyou all for your concern. I’ll hopefully update you in the next day or two after I talk to her mum again.

10. lightening - February 25, 2008

How awful is that! 😦

11. magneto bold too - February 26, 2008

Terrifying. It can happen so easily. When I was a teen in Melbourne I was targeted by a group of girls. I was walking home from a friends house with another girl and these chicks ran across the road and started punching, kicking and screaming. We ran into a house and the people let us in. Thankfully. Apparently these girls beat up many people that day.

Makes me want to not let my girls out of my sight.

12. Gemisht - February 26, 2008

That’s so scary. The girls that did this to her need to know that they can’t get away with it. They need to be charged and as Riayn said at least then it will be on their record and count against them if they ever try it again.

Lots of positive healing vibes coming your way to pass on to your friend and her daughter.

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