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Smiley Saturday! February 23, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Friends, Gardening, Hubby, Kids, Ramblings, Smiley Saturday.


Lot and lots of smiley’s this week!

Where to start……….. where to start……………

OK, lets start with the pretty stuff!

Anja, Widdle Shamrock and I all got this – btb_pink_smoothie.png

from Sueblimely a little over a week ago, but we had to wait for the third member of our ‘coven’ to return to truly celebrate the award.The award orginated from Mark of Me and My Drum. I’d like to pass it to Veronica at Sleepless Nights because I think she really does epitomise what this particular piece of bloggy bling is about.

Next up is this lovely piece of shiny loving magicalgoldenblogger.gif came from the lovely Tiff at Three Ring Circus who constantly amazes me with her strength and tenacity. I’d like to give it to Lightening for her her lovely new Lightening’s Garden blog. If you haven’t seen it, go have a look. It is simply gorgeous, like the lady herself and I think she’s a pretty magical blogger to have so many going at once!

Next up is this ccccba.jpgwhich proves that I am officially a snort worthy blogger! The every lovely Jayne from Our Great Southern Land has decided that I am one of those Convulsive Compulsive Convolvulus Conviviality Bloggers who make us snort coffee all over our monitors and almost pee our pants with laughter. I’m honoured! This HAS to be passed to Kelley from magneto bold too! who is working on getting someone to snort a steak through their nose. (yeah I know it’s already been awarded to her, but thats my pick!:P)

Lastly was this wonderfulwomenwaward.jpg award from Casdok over at Mother of Shrek. It’s a real compliment to be getting an award from her. If you haven’t seen her blog, I’d really encourage you to check it out. She always has interesting titbits and gobsmacking pics to share. I’d like to pass this one to Tiff at Three Ring Circus, Trish from My Little Drummer Boys, Marita from Stuff With Thing, Jayne from Our Great Southern Land, Gemisht from her brand new site My Amazing Adventure, Anja from Rat In A Cage, Nikki from Widdle Shamrock, Naomi from Nomesque Life and Erin! from Rantings from the Walking Dictionary – wonderful women all!! I consider my world a whole lot brighter from interacting with all these lovely women.

The success of our comment lurv fest at Anja’s last week astounded, astonished, amazed and amused me!! To everyone who participated, you are truly awesome!!

Miss Lou turned 14 on Thursday. My very excited girl had an awesome day of cake, treats, birthday songs, flowers, gifts, cards and phone calls. Today her grandparents took her shopping to get a brand spanking new blue and silver mountain bike. We gave her a new pink flippy mobile phone and an MP3 player. The freak tried to ring her but couldn’t get though…………serves him right for all the birthdays and Christmas’s that he left the phone off the hook so I couldn’t call her.Β  Karma baby! It’s a bitch and it bit him hard!

My vege garden is starting to take shape. We started planting out our seedlings that we grew ourselves today.This is my man pet planting our cabbage seedlings.


This pic TJ took – you can see onions on the left, lettuce on the right and that strip up the middle that looks like it has nothing in it is where TJ and I planted our teeny tiny carrot seedlings.


And lastly my hubby’s arse (even though you can’t see it very well inder his trackies) – looking at it always makes me smile! ;)…………… and besides, I told him I was going to post a pic of it on my blog and he called me a biatch loving names for that so I took that as a challenge and I am a woman of my word!


So, if you are interested in reading other people’s Smiley Saturday moments, head on over to Lightening’s and join in the smile fest! And if you would like to bring a smile to someone else’s face why not join in Lightening’s Smiley Saturday Swap. What are you waiting for? Go sign up RIGHT NOW! πŸ™‚



1. Trish - February 23, 2008

wow – you have been busy ,,, it looks great !
Happy birthday to Miss Lou -14 is a great age *cough*

I just came to by to check your SS about too. I planted my seedlings too .

Beautiful β™₯ – especially the last pic
My SS is up
My Little Drummer boys

2. Bettina - February 24, 2008

Miss Lou is very busy playing on being homesick and monopolising the dorm phones. The next few weeks could be interesting!

3. FreeFromItAll - February 24, 2008

A garden….I’m jealous. I’d have to dig for 3 feet just to find the grass. It’s nice to see some GROUND in these pictures. Makes me wanna run out and buy a plant.

4. Casdok - February 24, 2008

Lots of awards to smile about! And Miss Lou turning 14! And a vege garden! Its all happening here!!

5. Veronica - February 24, 2008

Thankyou so much for the award! And Happy Birthday Miss Lou.

6. Naomi - February 24, 2008

You’ve definitely deserved all of those πŸ™‚ Thanks for passing the award onto me! *hug*

Happy birthday Miss Lou… may they all be awesome!

I’m drooling over the garden. Although, not the cabbages. Ho hum things.

PS. Love the arse. The pink shirt frames it beautifully.

7. Anja - February 24, 2008

A nice arse and man enough to wear a pink shirt. πŸ™‚

Thanks so much for giving me another pretty for my blog. *hugs*

14, oh my stars! Fun age, not.

And the freak couldn’t talk to Lou. *sniggers*

His karma ran over his dogma.

And yeah, hubby has a nice arse. Lucky girl, no wonder you’re smiling.

8. Bettina - February 24, 2008

oooo he’s gonna be spitting chips that you girls think his bright red holden shirt looks pink!

**runs off to tell him**


9. Sharon - February 24, 2008

Good luck with Miss Lou. 14 was an interesting year for Pink. Started to stand up for what she believed in, not always at an appropriate time. She has just turned 15 now and while still hasn’t learnt much about tact (with a mother like me she has no one to teach her) she is mostly pretty good company. I say that as she stomps to her room muttering at her father. Ok, good company when she is getting her own way. A bit like me really!

10. Naomi - February 24, 2008


At least tell him we rated his arse fairly highly… that should make him feel better πŸ˜› Unless you tell him all the ‘nice arse’ comments are from men πŸ˜›

11. Jayne - February 24, 2008

Ohh thank you very much for the award πŸ˜€ You deserve those awards, well done πŸ™‚
Happy birthday to Miss Lou, sounds like she had a wonderful day…and, awww no freak to piss and moan in her ear talk to her. Hope Karma left big teeth marks in his arse LOL.
Hubby’s shirt is def pink on my monitor too.. but his bum could win a “pinchable buttcheek” award πŸ˜›
Someone should start a comp for that…Bettina? Anja ? Nikki? LOL

12. widdleshamrock - February 24, 2008

lol, Jayne, ask the ceoven about Mr Shamrock’s Fruit Salad. You will never be the same.

Thanks for the blog bling B.

Ooooo, that’s a spankable bottie isn’t it ??? πŸ˜‰

Happy Birthday to Lou too !!!

13. Bettina - February 24, 2008

yes definately spankable………

I told him his shirt looked pink and got a “won’t catch me wearing fucking pink!!”

14. magneto bold too - February 24, 2008

Thankyou for my bling babe. You know I loves the bling, even if I have it already πŸ™‚

Happy Birthday to Miss Lou!!!!


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16. Marita - February 25, 2008

Thank you so much for the award. Made my day much happier. My Dad was visiting which is always a little stressful so it was great to have something to smile about.

17. lightening - February 25, 2008

You sure DO have a LOT to smile about this week babe!!! And look at all that BLING!!! Your blog must be getting rather heavy with the weight of it all! πŸ™‚ Congratulations.

And thank you so much for giving Lightening’s Garden it’s first award. How wonderful and exciting!!!! πŸ™‚

Thanks for your ongoing participation and promotion of Smiley Saturday. I feel honoured to call you friend. πŸ™‚

18. Bettina - February 25, 2008

Always a pleasure to spread a little happy around with a bling or two (or four) lol

19. widdleshamrock - February 25, 2008

Am seriously considering doing a butt shot competition. Who’d be keen?? πŸ˜‰

20. widdleshamrock - February 25, 2008

OR, something similar to Smiley Saturday ~

Tantalising Tooshies ?????

21. Anja - February 25, 2008

Bootylicious Butts?

22. sueblimely - February 25, 2008

Well done and I agree your blog is snort worthy. One of those blogs that should be on the prescription list – not an illicit sort of snort.
A butt competition – would you have a maximum photo size limit – the way mine is going you would need a full width theme.

23. Anja - February 25, 2008

And as for Mr. Shamrock’s fruit salad. *choke*

You will never be able to watch the Wiggles again and sing “Fruit salad, yummy yummy” again without blushing.

Took me months to be able to eat a banana after that.

24. Anja - February 25, 2008

Hunky hubby said:

β€œwon’t catch me wearing fucking pink!!”

He’s sly about his penchant for pink, nobody catches him wearing it. *giggles*

*dodges the flying fireman boots from the hubby*

I wonder if they’re pink?

*runs quickly*

25. widdleshamrock - February 25, 2008

**looks innocent**

Why ?

Mr Shamrock’s Fruit Salad *IS* yummy yummy…..

Well, we’ve seen Bettina’s Babe’s Bootylicious Butt …..
wanna see Steamy, sexy Shamrock’s shakin’ breakin’ butt??

26. Anja - February 25, 2008

Oh my gawd.

I have visions of Mr. Shamrock doing that to “Achy Breaky Heart”

27. Anja - February 25, 2008

The Bunny would have a heart attack if I showed his chocolate banana.

Hmm, now I’m hungry.

28. widdleshamrock - February 25, 2008

Hey B.

Where is your menu planner for this week?

29. widdleshamrock - February 25, 2008

You haven’t done it.

30. widdleshamrock - February 25, 2008

**Pokes B with a stick**

31. widdleshamrock - February 25, 2008

**Cups hands**

HELLO !!!!!

(echoes) hello hello hello


(echoes) n e body there there there ?

32. Anja - February 25, 2008


B. is too busy getting her special dessert to enlighten us all about her menu planning for the week.

Norti B.

33. widdleshamrock - February 25, 2008

OOO, is she whipping the cream ??

34. widdleshamrock - February 25, 2008

** wonders what B calls the special dessert **

35. Anja - February 25, 2008

Maybe she calls it “Pink and Fluffy”

36. Anja - February 25, 2008

Nighty night, B.

Enjoy your yummies. πŸ™‚

37. widdleshamrock - February 25, 2008


That has conjured up some images in my head


Norti, NORTI B.

38. Mark - February 27, 2008

Congratulations on winning the Be the Blog award and thanks for passing it on. Have a great day!

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