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Parent and Friend Politics February 21, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Community, Funny Stuff, Ramblings.

I have to go to a P & F meeting next week. Depending on how it goes I may not be very popular by the time I leave.

For the last few years I have been involved in running the Mother’s and Father’s day stalls at the school for the students to buy small gifts for their parents. These stalls are not for profit, they are simply a service that we provide to the students.

Last year, instead of having to spend hours trawling through the local $2 shops trying to find suitably priced pieces of shit junk that would make your cat want to vomit presents, we stumbled onto an opportunity to simply place an order for 400 gifts in the $2 price range to be mailed to us from a supplier and ended up with a shitload of nice goodies nice range of gifts that people would actually like.

And we had comments from teachers and parents alike about how nice the gifts were. “They are stuff you’d actually like to get instead of junk“.

However, around the time that we presented the final bill for the Father’s Day stall to the P & F for payment, we got bitched at rapped over the knuckles by a ratfink cow parent who was also a local business owner for not shopping locally.


The stupid cow concerned parent will have us banning book club next for screwing the local bookshop out of business!

I’m all for shopping locally and trying to keep money in the local economy, and we do try to do so when practical,  but if the local shops can’t provide the best value and service what the hell’s a person meant to do?

So next week we need to go to the P & F meeting and tell them that we need to order the gifts for the Mother’s Day stall. My side-kick and I have decided on a course of action , we are simply going to tell the person involved that if we aren’t allowed to use the gift service that we have found then we won’t be doing the stall and SHE can spend hours trawling around town trying to find some goodies that wouldn’t make a packrat blush decent gifts in the $2 price range and then man the stall for 2 mornings during the week leading up to the special occasions ‘cos if we have to stuff around trying to shop locally when the local shops aren’t suitable for what we want, then we ain’t doing it. And that’s that!



1. Casdok - February 21, 2008

This post did make me laugh!!
Good luck!!

2. widdleshamrock - February 21, 2008

Fair enough too !!!!!

3. frogdancer - February 21, 2008

Stick to your guns. Either way you win.

4. Tiffany - February 21, 2008

Yep, good luck with that, hun.

PS Blog bling awaits you!

5. Naomi - February 21, 2008

Good on ya! Stick with that, sounds like a plan.

6. scrappydo - February 21, 2008

Sounds all very reasonable – I’d rather have a nice piece of something over a crap piece ANYday!

7. Gemisht - February 21, 2008

Good luck playing the game of P&F Politics. Sounds like a great plan to me.

8. Jayne - February 21, 2008

Good on you!
Time management + quality, cheap gifts = commonsense.
Better alert Today Tonight there’s a woman disproving medical science by walking and talking without a functioning brain…oh wait, Pauline Hanson already did that 😛

9. Trish - February 21, 2008

I say Fair enough too – DS when at primary school they mostly got parents to send in $5 value gift and Kids purchased a random one for $1 but a lot were cr@p. I never got anything good.

Then they got a local mum supplied a whole heap for a wholesale price and they sold them for $3 – $5 instead.

Can you ask the other woman if she wants to supply the ‘goodies’ at a low price ? she then gets the chance to put up or shut up.

10. Anja - February 21, 2008

Hehehe… I’m with Trish.

Nice one.

11. jeanie - February 21, 2008


And as a side note – do you mean you actually get notice about P&F meetings?

Paranoid I am sure that ours waits until I have booked something and then arrange it for that evening and give parents 3 hours notice.

12. Tracey - February 21, 2008

Hmm, interesting post. Having done the whole mother’s day stall thing, I totally agree with you. My philosophy, thanks to Bart Simpson, has become “can’t win, don’t try”.

Having said that, I visited a school the other day where the parents were invited to a series of ‘craft’ mornings, where said items were lovingly hand made. Does not tweak my nipples AT ALL, but could possibly be worth considering. Mind you, who buys/chooses/pays for the craft materials? Who decides WHAT will be made, etc, etc. Back to the CWDT concept.

You know what? BAN THE F*ING THING! Bwahahahaha: really give them something to whinge about.

13. picklebums - February 21, 2008

oh you go get em… can’t wait to hear how this turned out!

14. magneto bold too - February 21, 2008

Wear heels. Channel the inner biatch. Then give the twit a withering stare and she will back down.

And you will be the heroine. Wearing awesome shoes.

The End.

15. Cathy - February 21, 2008

lol i’m a teacher – i know all about the dramas associated with mother’s day and father’s day stalls!

i say stick to your guns or like you said tell her to go do it herself!!

16. Bettina - February 24, 2008

Thanks Casdok.

Well I thought it seemed fair WS

Will do Frogdancer

Thanks Tiff, and thanks for the bling

I do likes to have me a plan Naomi lol

Scrappydo – yes, women get enough crappy gifts for Mother’s day. it’s about time they got some nice ones! lol

Thanks Gemisht – I keep mixing up the ‘i’ & ‘s’ in your name *blushes* kick me if you ever see me do it won’t you?

lmao Jayne!! Unfortunately I think there are quite a few proofs of the fallibility of medical science walking around!

Fat chance Trish – the stupid bint owns a mens clothing store – not a lot of lady stuff there! lol I like the way we do things better than the parents having to put together and send in gifts. You’ll always get parents that forget or just send in shite stuff which is a bugger for the parents who actually send in something half nice and you can guarantee they won’t get something half nice in return.

*waves to Anja*

Yes Jeanie, we do actually get notice – that they are held on the third wed of every month helps too lol but I always seem to be double booked anyhow sigh.

Welcome to my madness Tracey! The whole arguement is just stupid really – yes we want to provide a service to the kids, but sheesh ppl are busy! They already to the craft thing for the end of year fete………. and the P&F pays for the supplies.

Katef – I shall let you know

lmao Kelley! If I wore high heals I’d probably fall flat on my face as I exit going from hero to zero in half a second flat!

Thanks Cathy. It was just this one particular parent stirring the pot, hopefully common sense will prevail.

17. Veronica - February 24, 2008

You wouldn’t fall flat on you face if you practised in the heels first.

I remember having SO MUCH CRAP to choose from when I was buying the gifts. In the end (after lots of crappy gifts) I ended up always buying the coffee cup filled with chocolates.

18. Bettina - February 24, 2008

oh no, we have been getting nice photo frames, candles, bed socks, coin purses, bath gels, little ornamnets, windchimes and other stuff. All quite nice.

And I would still fall flat on my face – I have horrible balance due to nerve damage in my feet.

19. Sharon - February 24, 2008

You go girl.
Thats something that really gets on my goat.
Whingers with no alternative solutions.
Every P & F has them, every committee has them.
If not heels, then at least some killer red flats.
Show em you mean business.

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