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Coven Traditions February 14, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Friends, Funny Stuff, Relationships.

Recently both Anja and Widdle Shamrock have written about our ‘coven’ as we have taken to calling ourselves.

These two ravishing ladies have seen me through some of the darkest days of my adult life, have celebrated with me in my triumphs, have listened when I need to unload, have laughed with me at the silly things and cried with me over the sad things.

They have encouraged me, advised me, humoured me, counselled me, made fun of me and kicked my arse when it needed it. They send me text messages telling me how hot the guys are at the pool. They ring my bewildered husband to find out how I’m recovering from surgery. They send me photo’s of half naked, spank worthy, hot guys to drool  over when in need of a pick me up. They threaten to kneecap my enemies and to write up death certificates for me should I choose to commit a justifiable homicide.

Together, we poke fun at our lives, ourselves, our partners, our families, and all the stupid people in the world.

We have never physically met, but they know me better than most people.

They are my sisters in my heart.

Calling ourselves a coven does not mean that we are all witches, but it is a reference to that sisterhood, to being a group of women with ties that bind.

And after sharing so much history we have developed some traditions too.

The tradition that I would like to share with you today is one of our favourites.  It is a reason for hesitating to tell anyone that you are going to be away for a few days…………

When one of us dares to leave their computer for a few days the others do what they can to fill their email inbox.

Sounds rather benign doesn’t it?

Until you learn that after a week long camping trip to Echuca in Victoria, I returned to over 600 (count em six hundred!) emails.  The next trip I took for only a few days, there were 300 of them.

The rules are that you have from when a person leaves on a trip till when they get home to fill their inbox with as many emails as you can. They can be jokes, pictures, links, news articles or anything else you can find. They can be a series of emails sent






Or any other imaginative format that you can think of.

You get the picture?

Now I have a favour to ask, dear reader. As all is fair in love and absentee email wars, I need to enlist your help. Anja has taken off for a few days of bunny loving leaving her email box fair game. But I am more cunning than just that, I’m asking for your help to post as many comments as possible to her blog, Rat In A Cage. A double whammy so to speak. She won’t be expecting that!

600 Emails. 300 Emails. I need some payback!

We have until Sunday. Let the commenting madness begin!!



1. widdleshamrock - February 14, 2008


So mote it be…..

2. cerebralmum - February 14, 2008


3. scrappydo - February 14, 2008

oooooooooooooooh! You’re so evil! I love it!! 😆

4. Ian - February 14, 2008

Your wish is my command!

5. Jayne - February 14, 2008

Abso-bloody-lutely ROFLMFAO 🙂

6. Bettina - February 14, 2008

baaahaaahaa and with most of you being new commentors she’s going to have a shitload of emails askign her to moderate your new comments!!

7. To The Coven | Blogging Sueblimely - February 14, 2008

[…] ravishing ladies are two of the three members of “The Coven” and although the third is not a new blogger […]

8. Casdok - February 15, 2008

Love it!!!

9. Bettina - February 15, 2008

Thank you to all who have participated so far.

More comment luv madness has commenced today


10. widdleshamrock - February 15, 2008

Just spreading the lurv, just spreading the lurv…..

11. magneto bold too - February 15, 2008

popping over there soon.

You are terrible Muriel.

12. scrappydo - February 15, 2008

😦 I don’t think mine are showing yet cos I need to be moderated.

Or is that mediated.

Probably just medicated.

Oh! that’s right – already on that last one! 😆

13. Bettina - February 15, 2008


thats ok scrappydoo – every comment needing moderation adds to the email tally too so it’s a double hit!! baahaahaa!!

smootches to you all for playing!

14. frogpondsrock - February 15, 2008

hehehehehehehe *snicker* hehehehehehee

15. Veronica - February 15, 2008

I feel so evil! But it sounds like lots of fun. Heading over there now hee hee.

16. picklebums - February 15, 2008

oh this is fun… off to contribute!

17. Kelly / Scrappydo - February 16, 2008

Remind me NEVER to tell widdle shamrock when I go ‘way, K?!

18. old knudsen - February 16, 2008

My comments await moderation so I left a few to moderate .

19. Trish - February 16, 2008

cool I have a friend that sends me heaps -does she mind if they are r rated ? I ahven’t checked the lastest batch

20. Trish - February 16, 2008

oops I hit submit a little quickly in my excitement

21. BlueBella - February 17, 2008

Ooooh I love it! BTW just found you via witchypoo . . .you sound smashing and love you’ve got such great friends! And great friends do wicked things to each other all in the name of fun! Tee hee . . .I’ve got some commenting to do!

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