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Rain. February 12, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Community, Our Home.

This is the waterfall that is my front guttering during any half decent downpour. (never mind the conifers)


This is our rain gauge tonight.



Did I mention that our piece of the state is still drought declared?

Any of you out there who are sick of your rain please send it our way!



1. Casdok - February 13, 2008

On its way…..

2. widdleshamrock - February 13, 2008

YAY !!! Rain.

3. jeanie - February 13, 2008

Not quite ready to let go of this joy just yet – but if you could take it during weekdays, I wouldn’t mind too much.

Does that gauge only measure to 35mm? Do you go out and empty frequently when it gets serious?

It has dawned fine here – which means that last nights rain is going to evaporate all day – can I send some of that your way?

4. Anja - February 13, 2008

It’s still persisting down here.

You want it, you can have it.

5. Jayne - February 13, 2008

We’ll have some of your left overs please ! 😉

6. sire01 - February 15, 2008

At least you got rain. It’s still as dry as a bone here. I’m wondering what to do with my dead lawn. Hopefully you won’t get as much as Queensland. Isn’t it shocking how one state can get so much and another so little?

7. Erin! - February 17, 2008

U can have my rain anytime, sick of flooding, sick of mosquito plague and really would like to stop sneezing cause my WHOLE HOUSE IS MOLDY INSIDE & OUT! Oh and not to mention that it took an entire 5 litres of petrol to mow one strip 1m wide by 10m long in my yard cause it is WAIST HIGH KIKUYU ontop of 30cms quickslime (that used to be a gravel driveway only 6 weeks ago). OOh and half our plants died of drowning!!

Oh and I forgot, there is a 2 foot deep swimming pool under my bedroom (raised brick home), so half my clothes went moldy, as did my blankets, my clean sheets (that were in the cupboard) and everything has had to be soaked and rewashed several times so far this month and it is raining again as I type.

LOL so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come take the rain away, I would like at least a month of no rain so we can rescue the house and yard (not to mention the foul smelling car that needs to air out for a week me thinks).


8. Bettina - February 18, 2008

struth woman!!! that sounds really really crappy. hugs

does this mean you are back online?

9. Erin! - February 19, 2008

Yes, am back online, only to find half my list of blogs have moved, lol what gives, kel moved away from wordpress, you moved to wordpress etc etc?

Hehe and yes the mold and damp is crappy, as is the mud and slimy driveways. I spent almost an hour picking tiny bits of gravel out of dbf legs after he went sliding off the slime at the bottom where neighbours cement driveway meets our gravel/mud driveway. Took three weeks for the gravel rash to heal too as the slime made it get infected (and the fact he didnt come inside or let me look at it until nearly four hours after the incident).

Many Hugs!


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