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Menu Plan Monday February 11, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Goals, Housekeeping, Menu Planning.


We are having a freezer/pantry week this week. My aim is to use up those things that I already have on hand in my freezer and pantry so that my shopping this week is minimal (hopefully only fresh stuff). So bear with me while I go have a looksee and figure out what I can whip up.

Monday – **looking looking**……….  ahhh I found some Chicken Schnitzels! Will add some potato, broccoli, peas and beans.

Tuesday  – usually takeaway night……. will get $3 worth of chips and zap some cocktail frankfurters and some zucchini slice I found in the freezer to go with them, then fruit for desert.

Wednesday – hold on while I go look again…….. did you hold on? What to? lmao   I have no red meat on hand, but I do have a LOT of chicken in my freezer! Will use up some chicken breast fillets and make my Chicken Pasta Bake. I have everything I need for that on hand.

Thursday – can be freezer meals – they can pick from lasagna, spag bol or whatever else may be pre-made in the freezer. I found some bacon for me and I’ll make some pasta from the pantry.

Friday – Fish, potato wedges and salad oh and some more zucchini slice. -I don’t have any fish on hand so will need to buy, but that’s not bad going!

Saturday – sweet and sour marinated chicken drumsticks with chicken rice and veges

Sunday – I do have a chicken I could roast, but I think my poor hubby will be sick of chicken by then so will buy a small beef roast instead. Leftovers can be used for Monday night.

My kids have been having salad filled lavish wraps for lunch or salad boxes lately so I need to make sure I have plenty of salad fixings on hand for that. My baking supplies are pretty good. So it really is mainly just the fresh stuff this week – milk, bread, wraps, eggs, fruit, salad fixings.

Ok, now to write my much leaner shopping list.

(I’m not coming back this time…………………….  You can go now……………. Seriously.:))



1. magneto bold too - February 11, 2008

I bought a beef roast the other day marked down from $12 to FOUR!!!! W00T! my little carnivores were more than impressed at my hunter gatherer abilities…

2. Casdok - February 11, 2008

All sounds good to me!!

3. Anja - February 11, 2008

What is this substance you call beef?

4. widdleshamrock - February 11, 2008

Yes, the only meat Anja knows of is Bunny baloney !!!! lol.

5. Bettina - February 11, 2008

just close your eyes dear Anja my little vegetarian goddes child and dream of hiding the bunny sausage.

Thanks Casdok

Yes Kelley, I’m sure your clan of carnivores would have been most impressed!

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