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Deputy who? February 11, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Community, Friends, Funny Stuff, My Brigade.

The captain of our brigade nicknamed himself Captain Cranky a few months back. A few of us picked the name up and started using it and so it has stuck. He is now known as Captain Cranky by everyone in the brigade, quite a few people in the district/zone, by all the paid staff and even a few people from elsewhere in the state.

One of our deputies has been waiting to be dubbed something. This guy is quite a funny guy, always up for a joke……… as long as he’s not on the receiving end, so he had been trying to have a hand in picking his brigade nickname.

Tonight during a meeting I discovered that I had mistakenly typed his name in the last meeting minutes as “Duffer”. I of course pointed out  my error to the others. Captain Cranky says to C “And you know what the worst bit about that is? She was using spell checker!”.

C is chuckling but looking a little flustered.

“Deputy Duffer” says I.

Oooo that just rolls off the tongue!!

M races out to tell the other members at the first opportunity that C is now Deputy Duffer.


What’s that?

What’s my nick name?

‘She who must be obeyed’.


‘Madame Secretary’.

They aren’t game to try to screw with me ……………………… or they’ll never find their paperwork!





1. Casdok - February 12, 2008

Deputy Duffer! Nice one!!

2. Anja - February 12, 2008

She who must be obeyed and I did notice the ‘Madame’. Hmm, lovin’ this.

I knew it. I just knew it. *hums to herself*

Madame Secretary, she who must be obeyed! And who said these country towns were dull.

3. widdleshamrock - February 12, 2008

Hahaha, love it.

Oh she who must be obeyed.

Captain Cranky, Deputy Duffer, love the illiteration

4. Jayne - February 13, 2008

LMAO very good 😉

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