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Smiley Saturday February 9, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Exercise, Family, Funny Stuff, Gardening, Hubby, Kids, Our Home, Recovery, Smiley Saturday.


Thanks again go to Lightening for hosting Smiley Saturday

Smiley moments for this week, hmmmmm…………

* getting one up on my kids definitely makes me smile 🙂

* managing to get to aquatherapy this week to start easing my way back into exercising after my op makes me smile.

* TJ’s determination to mow the lawn On.His.Own. the other day was chuckle worthy. (no, I made him wait for his father)

* directing the kids to make streams and lakes to divert water around our garden this morning was quite fun. We were digging channels around the newly cleared garden bed this morning to divert water around the stumps of the trees hubby cut down to soften the earth to make them easier to dig up. It took the kids a little while to get the gist of how deep to make the channels to send water flowing in all different directions and how to stop it all pooling at one end. Was quite a fun little experiment. (We were using our tank water on it.)



1. Jayne - February 9, 2008

So you can plant your patio carrots and sweet spuds out there now?
And more importantly – do the kids get their treat tonight? lol

2. Anja - February 9, 2008

LOL, I was going to ask the same thing – do they get their treat?

3. widdleshamrock - February 9, 2008

That looks like fun.

~ Tank water. We ran out this morning and had to buy some in.

And yeah, did they get their treat?

4. Casdok - February 9, 2008

Oh to be young!
Thanks for the smile!

5. Trish - February 9, 2008

yes – getting one up is worthy of the ebst smiles.
Digging holes looked like fun too…or were you just directing all the hard work.
We just planted our first vegie garden in many years … what are you growing ?

6. Bettina - February 9, 2008

Yes I let them have their treat tonight. The grumpy stompy attitude monsters must have taken a holiday today lol

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